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11 testosterone cypionate
Testosterone cypionate CAS NO.:58-20-8 Assays:99.20% Molecular Formula:C27H40O3 Molecular Weight:412.61 Description:white or off-white crystalline powder Specification:USP28 packing:foil bag MOQ:10g Leadtime:within 3days

12 testosterone isocaproate
Testosterone Isocaproate Chemical Name: 4-Androsten-17β-ol-3-one Isocapronate Molecular Formula: C25H38O3 Molecular weight: 386.57 CAS No.: 15262-86-9 Assay: 97.0% Appearance: White crystalline powder Standard: BP2003

13 testosterone phyenylpropionate
Testosterone Phyenylpropionate CAS NO: 1255-49-8 EINECS NO: 215-014-4 Appearance: white crystalline power Package: 1kg/bag Purity: 99% Standard:USP

14 testosterone undecanoate
Testosterone Undecanoate M. F.: C30H48O3 M. W.: 456.70 CAS: 5949-44-0 Description: White Crystalline or Crystalline Powder

15 testosterone propionate
Testosterone propionate CAS: 57-85-2 EINECS: 200-351-1 Assay: 98% min. Molecular Formula: C22H32O3 Molecular weight:344.49

16 testosterone decanoate
Testosterone Decanoate CAS Number: 5721-91-5 EINECS: 227-226-4 content:98% Appearance: White to almost white crystalline powder Origin: China Storage: shading, confined preservation Testosterone decanoate is a steroid hormone from the androgen and

17 boldenone undecylenate
Boldenone undecylenate Cas no :13103-34-9 Density:1.05 g/cm3 EINECS: 236-024-5 Boiling Point:553.2 °C at 760 mmHg Flash Point:232.2 °C Appearance: Light yellow oily matter

18 stanozolol
Stanozolol CAS Number: 10418-03-8 Name: 2'H-Androst-2-eno[3,2-c]pyrazol-17-ol,17-methyl-, (5a,17b)- Formula: C21H32N2O Molecular Weight: 328.49 EINECS: 233-894-8 Density?.129 g/cm3 Melting Point?42 °C Boiling Point:490.8 °C at 760 mmHg

19 d-glucosamine sulfate 2naci


20 d-glucosamine hci
White crystal grain with odorless, slight sweet. Soluble in water, but insoluble in ordinary organic solvent such as ethanol, and faintly soluble in methanol. Applications: Chiefly used in medicine. It has important physiological functions to human body

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