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1 non-addressable acrepeater panel
, Up to 8 detection zones can be displayed and controlled , Clear alarm zone LED indicators, with a single indicator for Fault, Disable and Test Condition indication , Recessed mounting enclosure , Powered from the control and indicating equipment DC 2

2 non-addressable control and indicating equipment
, 8 detection zones , Supports up to 32 non-addressable devices per alarm zone circuit , Configurable non-latching alarm zones , Configurable alarm dependency (zone coincidence detection) , Configurable timer to delay output activation (up to 10 min)

3 addressable ac repeater panel


4 control system
If you are checking spare parts for engines prices, price list, and cost online, please feel free to contact Power-Mall Electricity Equipment, we are one of the leading China spare parts for engines manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professiona

5 street lamp controller
Product Feature: Maximum internal 16A relay outputs; With dimming interface:0-10V; With current, voltage, power,drain voltage, power remote reading capabilities; When lit long statistics, fault length statistics, energy accumulation remote read

6 dcs infi90 control system
1948506C8, 6644424A1, ACU1001A, ADAM-4520, BRC300, BRC410, CMM11, CMMTU02, CPS01, EMA11, GPI-S MODBUS, IEMMU11, IEMMU12, IEMMU21, IEMMU22, IEPAS22, IMASI23, IMASO11, IMBLK01, IMCIS22, IMCPM01, IMCPM02, IMDSI13, IMDSI14, IMDSI22, IMDSM04, IMDSO14, IMFCS01,

7 remote control
M-2 86 box receiver of the tubular motor Model Number: YM-2 Receiver Voltage: AC220/50hz / AC110/60hz Transmitte Voltage: 27A/12V Load Power : 800W Operating Temperature: -20 --- +70 degree Transmitting Power : 10MW Transmitting Method : W

8 remote control
YM-32 Remote control of the door motor Model Number : YM-32 Receiver Voltage: AC220/50hz / AC110/60hz Transmitte Voltage : 27A/12V Load Power : 800W Operating Temperature : -20 --- +70 degree Transmitting Power : 10MW Transmitting Method :

9 stage aluminium track
Stage Aluminium Track    Sturdy and durable stage aluminium alloy track, which can work with even pace motor or adjustment stage curtain motor. The speed of track is fast and the motor is powerful which can pull 30~200kg (fabric lenth goes to 30m). T ty

10 ruida laser vision cutting control system
Support for visual positioning based on template matching: for better quality, almost no deformation of the woven label, can carry out precise positioning cutting; Support based on contour extraction of vision positioning: for each cutting object real-

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