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11 24ch dmx512 decoder
BC-824 24CH DMX decoder BC-824 DMX decoder works to convert universal DMX512/1990 digital signal to PWM signal to drive LED, Which controlled by DMX512 console, with 256 levels grey scale output per channel. Realize 0-100% brightness or various changing

12 lt8090-700 constant current dmx512 decoder
LT-8090 DMX512 Decoder,DC12V-48V,700mA/CH,3 Channels in total.It can convenrt DMX512 Signal to PWM signal,which controlled by DMX512 Console.And it can control single color,RGB Color led lighting. 1.DC12V-48V,700mA/CH,3 Channels in total. 3.Input sign

13 lt-8030
Lt-8030 DMX512 CV decoder is designed via advanced microchip technology to convert the universal standard DMX512/1990 signal into analog signal, it allows user to choose 1~3 output channel, 256-level brightness control, max 512 output channels. This compa

14 lt-6803
The LT-6803 DMX512 Data Decoder is dedicated to control LED lights based on chip LPD-6803.Chip LPD-6803 outputs 3CC channels,with grey scale processor,compatiable with 32/256 grey scales,the data cable includes only two cords,convenient for design and ins

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