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1 electric drill
The 12V lithium battery electric drill produced by our company adopts the technology of Stanley, and the key components such as motor and gear are processed and produced with high and new technology.Product stability reliability than the lithium battery d

2 driller machine drilling machine
S&K Horizontal Glass Driller Machine is Ce Quality Our Glass Drilling Machine is adopted pneumatically grip. Laser positioning, drilling is alternatively done by upper and reverse drills, feeding is automatically operated, automatic remove wasted glass.

3 ky-150 hydraulic drilling rig for metal mine
1.The features of KY-150 hydraulic drilling rig KY-150 full hydraulic drilling rig is easy to disassemble and convenient to transport. The drilling rig has flexible arrangement, and the drilling pipe can be dismantled mechanically, which can reduce labor

4 xyx-3 wheeled hydraulic core water well drilling rig
1.The features of XYX-3 water well drilling machine The rig is equipped with wheeled walking mechanism and hydraulic cylinder support, which is convenient for the whole machine to be relocated and easy to adjust the level of the drilling rig. &#

5 xyc-200a tricycle water well drilling rig
1.The applications of XYC-200A tricycle water well drilling rig XYC-200A tricycle water well drilling rig mainly used for Made in China water well,field irrigation well, engineering water well,precipitation well and so on; geological gener

6 xyx-200 wheeled water well drilling rig
1.The features of XYX-200 water well drilling rig It has oil pressure feed mechanism to improve drilling efficiency. Wheel walking mechanism,very convenient for transport and adjusting the drilling rig level. Pressure gauge disp

7 hz-200yy hydraulic water well drilling rig 200 meter
1.The applications of HZ-200YY drilling rig HZ-200YY drilling rig is mainly used for water well,field irrigation well,engineering water well,precipitation well and so on;geological general investigation and exploration,road and tall buildi

8 xyd-130 crawler hydraulic water well drilling rig
1.The features of XYD-130 crawler drilling rig The drilling machine adopts automatic Telescopic drilling tower, which is supported by two high-strength oil cylinders. Save effort, safe and reliable, maximum for the user to create benefits. The chassis a

9 xyx-130 wheel type hydraulic water well drilling rig
1.The applications of XYX-130 wheeled drilling rig Field irrigation well, civil uses water well and so on; geological survey and exploration, basic exploration for roads and high-rise buildings, inspection holes for various concrete structures, river emb

10 qz-2ds electric core sampling drilling rig with hoist
1. The brief introductions of QZ-2DS three phase core drilling rig QZ-2DS type portable sampling drill is used for geological industrial and civil buildings, bridges, railway, highway, hydro-power industry survey, geophysical exploration, advanced drilli

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