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1 2-(1-cyclohexenyl)ethylamine


2 2,6-diaminopyridine


3 2-aminopyridine


4 hydroxytyrosol
English name]: Hydroxytyrosol [CAS NO.]: 10597-60-1 [Formula]: C8H10O3 [Molecular Weight]: 154.1632 [Structural Formula]: [Specification]: 98% [Test method]: HPLC [Product properties]: Light yellow oily liquid [Place of ori

5 luteolin
English Name]: Luteolin [CAS NO.]: 491-70-3 [Formula]: C15H10O6 [Molecular Weight]: 286.23 [Structural Formula]: [Specification]: 95%, 98% [Test Method]: HPLC/UV [Product Properties]: Yellow needle crystal powder [Place of Or

6 resveratrol
English name]: Resveratrol [CAS NO.]: 501-36-0 [Formula]: C14H12O3 [Molecular Weight]: 228.24 [Structural Formula]: [Specification]: 50%,98% [Test method]: HPLC [Product properties]: White powder [Place of origin]: Shaanx

7 rutaecarpine
[English name]: Rutaecarpine; N, N''-1, 6 - hexane double [N ', N'-methylurea] [CAS NO.]: 84-26-4 [Formula]: C18H13N3O [Molecular Weight]: 287.321 [Structural Formula]: [Specification]: 90%,95%,98% [Test method]: HPLC [Pr

8 berberine hydrochloride
Number: ASTAR-036 CAS No.: 141433-60-5 Molecular formula: C20H18NO4.Cl.H2O Molecular weight: 389.83 Specifications: 97%-98% HPLC Characteristics: yellow crystalline powder, melting point: 145°C. Dissolve in water, unsoluble in ether, chloroform, a

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