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91 100% natural epimedium extract by hplc with compet
Latin name:Epimedium grandiflorum Molecular formula:C33H40O15 CAS NO.: 489-32-7 Active agent: Icariin,Epinedoside A,Noricarliin,I-cariresinol Apearance: Yellow or light yellow powder. Description: Epimedium, also known as Horny Goat Weed, or Yin Y

92 tomato extract (lycopene)
1.The introdution of tomato Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and C and fibre , and are cholesterol free. An average size tomato (148 gram, or 5 oz) boasts only 35 calories. Furthermore, new medical research suggests that the consumption of lycopene -

93 marigold extract lutein 5%,20%,80% by hplc
English name: Marigold Extract Latin name: Tagetes erecta L. Active ingredients: lutein Zeaxanthin Part: Marigold flowers Appearance: Jacinth Powder Odor: Characteristic Specification:5% lutein Extract Method:Grain alcohol

94 100% natural coconut extract
Active:Caproic acid, almitic acid Mesh: 100% pass 80 mesh Part Used: Fruit Appearance: Yellowish-white fine powder Specifications: 10:1 15:1 Test Method: UV, TLC Coconut extract, a flavoring, is made by dissolving the essential oil of coconut in

95 100% natural mangosteen extract mangostin 5%-95%
Specification Product name Mangosteen Extract Latin Name Garcinia mangostana L. CAS no. 6147-11-1 Molecular Formula: C24H26O6 Molecular Weight: 410.47 Appearance Brown powder Odor and Taste Characteristic Identification Positive Alpha-

96 high quality natural plant extract rose extract
Description: English name: Rose Hips Extract Latin Name: Rosa rugosa Thunb Plant Origin: Rosa Laevigata Michx. Rosa canina Part Used: Fruit Appearance : Brown yellow fine powder Active Ingredients: Vitamin C, Polyphenol, Ascorbic acid Test methods

97 pure natural licorice extract
1.Product Name: glycyrrhizic acid 2.Spec:98% 3.CAS No: 1405-86-3 4.white powder Molecular Formula: C42H62O16 Molecular Weight: 822.94 Molecular structure: Biological Source: Isol. from Gly-cyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. Function of glycyrrhizic aci

98 sweetberry honeysuckle extract 100% natural extrac
Latin Name: Lonicera Japonica Active Ingredients: Chlorogenic acid Specifications: 5%-25% Product Type: Yellow-brown fine powder Part of Plant Used: flower Extract Method: Ethanol and Water ANALYSIS SPECIFICATION RESULTS Appearance Yellow

99 natural hawthorn extract
Product name: Hawthorn extract Appearance: brown yellow fine powder Loss on drying: less than 5.0% Specification: 10:1 or Flavone 5%-90% by UV Function (1) Dilating coronary artery, improving myocardial blo

100 cat's claw extract (alkaloids 3%)/buttercup root e
Introductin: Cat's Claw is a tropical vine that grows in rainforest and jungle areas in South America and Asia. Some cultures refer to the plant as the "Sacred Herb of the Rain Forest". This vine gets its name from the small thorns at the base of the

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