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131 citrus aurantium p.e.

132 gotu kola p.e.

133 astragalus root p.e.
With enhanced immunity, enhance energy, anti-fatigue, anti-mutagenic, hepatoprotective, inhibit osteoclast

134 magnolia extract
Magnolia & Honokiol 5% Magnolia & Honokiol 50% Magnolia & Honokiol 80% Magnolia & Honokiol 90% Magnolia & Honokiol 98% Specification£ºMagnolia & Honokiol

135 rosemary extract


136 plant extract
We can provide customer over than 200 kinds of herb extract (plant extract) all over the world such as china, India, south america, korea, United States and so on. We also can provide natural pure powder of herbal raw materials from our own GAP Planting b

137 supply china feverfew extract


138 herb extract: tea polyphenols
Tea Polyphenols The product is one of the pure natural compound extracted from green tea. Description: The appearance is light yellow or brown yellow powder, dissoluble in water and ethanol. Bitter and acerbity. It¡¯s stable between PH4-8, easy to det

139 feverfew extract
Common names :Bride's Button ,Compositae , Featherfew ,Featherfoil ,Febrifuge Plant , Wild Chamomile<br>Feverfew is a traditional medicinal herb which is found in many old gardens, and is also occasionally grown for ornament. The word "feverfew" der

140 schisandra extract
The classical treatise on Chinese herbal medicine, the Shen Nung Pen Tsao Ching, described schisandra as a high-grade herbal drug useful for a wide variety of medical conditions specially as a kidney tonic and lung astringent. Chinese herbalists use schis

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