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71 polygonum cuspidatum p.e.
Polygonum Cuspidatum P.E. Resveratrols°›20%,50%,98% Functions: 1. Antipyretic and Analgesic Activity; 2. Antioxidation 3. Anti-cancer 4.Adjusting cholesterol and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease 5. Inhibiting platelet aggregation a

72 pine bark p.e.
Pine Bark P.E. OPC°›90%~95% Main functions: 1. Extending the lifetime of vitamin C in the body, prolonging its beneficial effects as an antioxidant. 2. Preventing and treating a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency 3. Being effective

73 panax ginseng p.e.
Panax Ginseng P.E. Ginsenosides°›80% Functions: 1. Increasing physical and mental endurance, reducing cholesterol 2. Improving the ability to complete detailed tasks, performing mental arithmetic and improving memory and a general ability to co

74 huperzia serrate p.e.
Huperzia Serrate P.E. Huperzine°›1%~5% HPLC

75 horse chestnut p.e.
Horse Chestnut P.E. Beta Escin°›20% HPLC

76 horsetail p.e.
Horsetail P.E. Silica acid°›7% HPLC

77 hawthorn leaves p.e.
Hawthorn Leaves P.E. Vitexin-2-rhamnoside°›1.8% HPLC

78 gynostemma pentaphyllum p.e.
Gynostemma Pentaphyllum P.E. Gypenosides°›80%~98% UV

79 grape seed p.e.
Grape Seed P.E. OPC°›95% UV

80 ginkgo biloba p.e.
Ginkgo Biloba P.E. Flavone°›24% Lactone°›6% HPLC

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