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91 hawthorn leaf p. e.
Botanical Name: Hawthorn leaf P. E Appearance: Yellow brown fine powder Used part: Leaves Specification: Vitex-2 rhamnoside 1.8% Improving the tolerability of mycardium to hypoxia and act against cardiac infarct like propanolol. Dilating coronar

92 hordenine
Hordenine Plant Sources Roots of Desmodium gangeticum(L.)DC, stems of D.tiliaefolium G.Don and heartwood of D.cephalotes Wall. CAS Number 3595-05-9 Molecluar Formula C10H15NO Molecular Weight 165.23 Benefits To ease bronchitis and bronchial

93 black peper extract
Product Name: Black peper P. E. /Black Peper Extract / Piperine Botanical Name: Piper Nigrum L. Part Used: Seed Active Ingredients: Piperine CAS No.: 94-62-2 Molecular Formula: C17H19NO3 Molecular Weight: 285.34 Specfication: 50% 98% Appe

94 rhodiola rosea p. e.
Production Name Rhodiola Rosea P. E Botanical Name Rhodiola rosea. L Source Any of various perennial herbs which are about 10-20 cm high, having sturd, taper, filemot and fleshy root with much fibre. The rhizoma which is covered by many imbrication an

95 pomegranate p. e.
Name: Pomegranate P. E. Botanical Name: Punica granatum L. Source: Any of various punicaceae deciduous shrubs or small trees which are about 5-10 meters high, having natural round crowns and dust color rough barks with tuber on them. The root sprouts

96 quercetin
Product name: Quercetin Botanical Source: Sophorae Japonica CAS No. 6151-25-3 Molecular Formula: C15H14O9 Molecular Weight: 338.27 Specification: Appearance: Yellow Powder Assay: 95%, 98% (by HPLC) Pharmacological function: Good Expector

97 resveratrol from grape
Resveratrol from grape Source: Grape Specification: 5% Apperance: Yellow Brown Assay Method: HPLC Main Function:Antioxidant, Reduce risk for cancer, Reduce incidence of cardiovascular disease, antiproliferative. Resveratrol

98 grape seed extract
Name Grape Seed Extract Botanical Name Vitis vinifera L. Source Any of various vitaceae of grapes which are liana native to temperate zone and subtropical zone, having alternate leaves and elliptical and spherical berries, composed of grape skin, juic

99 5-htp
Name 5-HTP Category Ingredients Plant Original Griffonia simplicifolia Part Used Seeds Specification 5-HTP 99% Test By HPLC CAS No. 4350-09-8 Molecular Formula C11H12N2O3 Molecular Weight 220.2 Melting Point 266 C~ 272C Specific Optical

100 octacosanol
Octacosanol Botanical Name: Saccharum officenarum L. Appearance:White fine powder Solubility: Soluble in Chloroform, Petroleum Ether, Ethanol, Acetone, Ethyl ether, Benzene, Toluene .Not soluble in water Specification:Total Alcohols>90.0% Oct

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