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81 horse chest nut p.e.
Horse Chest Nut P.E. Product Name Horse Chest Nut P.E. Botanical Source Aesculus chinesis Bge. Used Part Seeds Assay 20% Aescin Appearance Brown Yellow fine powder Test method UV, HPLC Treatment Aescin is a mixture of saponins with anti-inflammat

82 st. john's wort p. e.
Product name St. John's Wort P. E. Latin name St. John's Wort P. E. Active Ingredient Hypericins Part used Whole Herb Apperarance Brown fine powder Product Content Hypericins 0.3% Test Mothed UV Product Origin Extracted from the Whole Herb o

83 marigold p.e.
Marigold P.E. Product Name: Lutein Latin Name: Tagetes erecta L. Part of Used: Flowers Active Ingredients: Lutein Specs: 20% by HPLC Appearance: Reddish orange yellow fine powder Odor: Characteristic Package & Storage: Packing: By 25kgs/

84 milk thistle extract
Products Name: Milk Thistle Extract Latin Name: Silybummarianum Active ingredients: Silymarin Specifications: Silymarin 80% Testing method: UV Function: Pharmacological functions: 1, Toxicology tests showed that: A strong effcets of protecti

85 coenzyme q10
Coenzyme Q10 is a non-specific immune intensifier, which takes part in cell metabolism and respiration. It has the functions of anti-coronary heart disease, increasing the output of the heart, reducing arrhythmia, and reducing hypertension. Humans get Coe

86 tribulus terrestris powder extract
Tribulus Terrestris Powder Extract Product Description Name: Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder Latin Name: Tribulus terrestris, Tribulus lanuginosus, Tribulus aeylanicus zygophyllaceae Part used: Fruit Specification: Saponins 40%, 20%, UV Med

87 kudzu root p.e.
Product Name: Kudzu Root P.E. Botanical Source: Pueraria lobata Used Part:Roots Assay:40% Isoflavones , 80% Puerarin Appearance: Yellow Brown fine powder Test method :UV, HPLC Treatment: Kudzu contains a number of useful isoflavones, including daid

88 white willow bark p . e .
White Willow Bark P . E . Product Name: White Willow Bark P. E. Botanical Source: Salix alba . Used Part: Bark Assay: Salicin 15% - 98% Appearance: Brown fine powder Test method :HPLC Plant Description: The willow family includes a number of diffe

89 red clover p . e .
Red Clover P . E . Product Name: Red Clover P.E. Botanical Source: Trifolium pratense L. Used Part:Whole herb Assay:8%-40% Isoflavones Formononetin Biochanin A Daidzein Genistein Appearance: Deep tan powder Test method :HPLC Treatment Cardiov

90 ginkgo biloba p . e .
Ginkgo Biloba P . E . Product Name: Ginkgo Biloba P.E. Botanical Source: Ginkgo biloba L. Used Part:Leaves Assay: Total Flavones 24% ,Total Lactones 6%, Total Ginkgolic Acid 5PPM Appearance:Light Yellow Brown fine powder Test method :HPLC Functio

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