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1 pasta production line
Product process Product Name: Frying pasta Water content: 18% Production process: Feed Fry Deoiling Discharge Frying: About 80 second Energy: Electric Output: 6 Ton (8 hour, 750kg/hour) This production line can meet all the equipmen

2 de-oiling machine -upper discharge type
This machinery can turned over and discharge the food out of tank rotationally. It is suitable for a large amount of oil removal process, and better matching the semi automatic equipment . Especially for some sugar coated products, in the process of remo

3 popcorn producing line
一?Production Process Machinery Name: Popcorn producing line Processing: Commercial Cooking Wok Cooling Conveyor Line Rotating filter tank Energy supply: Electric 2 sets cooking wok single batch output: 240kg~300kg popc

4 centrifugal oil removal machine
centrifugal oil removal machine Machinery Function 1.Centrifugal design, rotation speed adjustable, meet the oil removal requirement. 2.Pneumatic feeding and discharge structure, suitable for continuous production. 3.Small capacity and more batch prod

5 dynamic filter


6 cooling conveyor line


7 small-scale single frying machine
This machine is belongs to the manual frying machine series, divided into large, medium and small three models, suitable for chicken, meat, seafood, and glutinous rice cakes, special snack fried processing. Applicable to the food laboratories, shopping ma

8 cmtm-bj800/500
Octagonal-shaped flavoring machine: TW80/50-BJ This equipment is widely used in food flavoring and material mixing. It is mainly used in powdered and mixing after food finish fried, or mixing the sugar before frying or baking etc.. Octagonal-shaped tank

9 pneumatic turning out electromagnetic type commerc
Pneumatic turning out electromagnetic type commercial cooking pan Model Number: CMCZ-DC900 Schematic diagram (Reference Only)

10 intelligent electromagnetic commercial wok/commerc
Snack bar type popcorn electromagnetic cooking pan is smaller than the factory type. The Taiwanese “shop in front and factory back?business model has been gradually spreading in the Shanghai area. This type cooking machine uses electromagnetic heating de

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