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401 mqc- 10b carbon dioxide laser marking machine
MQC- 10B Carbon Dioxide Laser Marking Machine MQC- 10B carbon dioxide laser marking machine of Guangzhou Maqing adopts advanced closed continuous CO2 laser device and the life of laser tube is over 20000 hours, which is especially suitable for laser cu

402 laser marking and coding machine
aser marking machine suits to mark kinds of non-metallic materials, like plastics, rubber, wood, paper, resin, PVC, acrylic, Higher marking speed. 2. Higher marking efficiency. 3. No any consumable items like inks, having no any pollution to environme

403 zx-1 wire straightening machine
This Mattress sewing machine is mainly used for sewing labels on mattress panel. It is equipped with locksitch rotating hook and can sew the zigzag seam or straight seam by different inner structure. It is also equipped with electric positioning system an

404 tm-02 high lift tape edge machine
Advanced chainstitch or lockstitch sewing head are selectable eauipped for tape edge applications; Working table height electrical adjusted by stand-lone lifting column, and electrical angle tilting for sewing head; Variable speed drive motor with selecta

405 xj9c2-350 inversion type rubber shoe-mould finalizing machine
XJ9C2-350 inversion type rubber shoe-mould finalizing machine is a professional shoe-making equipment, which integrates vulcanization, stitching and finalizing. It has function of automatic program control. The hydraulic pressure system is advanced and re

406 jw902 machining
http://www.china-precision-casting.net Machining is a process of using machinery to change the appearance dimension of workpiece or performance. According to the processed workpiece in the temperature condition, it can be divided into cold working

407 slitting machine
1. Raw material: Colored steel panel 2. Thickness: 0.4~2mm 3. Coil width: <=1250mm 4. Coil ID: Φ508 5. Coil OD: <=Φ1400mm 6. Coil weight: <=10T  7. Max slitting quantity (not include waste edge): 0.4mm<=t<=1mm, max 14 Pieces / 1mm<

408 glazed steel tile roll forming machine
Main Technical Specification 1. Steel Thickness: 0.3-0.8 mm mm 2. Forming Speed: 8-12 m/min 3. Roller stands : 16 stations 4. Roller Material: 45# steel, coated with chrome 5. Main Motor Power: 5.5 kw 6. Hydraulic cutting Power: 4 kw 7. Hydr

409 microcomputer four-side sealing packing machine
Features: Unique design,high precision scructure ,it is easy to operate and maintenace . Description :this machine absorb both international and domastic area new and high technology ,with photoelectric eyes control system ,it may finish exact cutting

410 perfume machine
1.perfume filling machine (one head or four heads)is negative pressure,semi-auto filling machine which mainly used in liquid products such as toilet,water,perfume etc. 2.this machine has the feature of compact structure,ratioality,simple operation and co

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