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71 mesh machine
Advantages: High efficiency: theoretic output=4.25m/min Wire Diameter: 1.6-3.5mm PLC control system touch screen(Option) Infrared ray safety(Option) Automatic stop system (Option) Automatic oil system

72 spring machine
Equipped with the computer-controlled system imported from Taiwan and servo motor imported from Japan . This machine is for camdesign,set up spring with high speed and accuracy.And with stable good enough . Wire feed with the function of rotary wire,so

73 stranding machine
Packaging:standard shipping package according to the container shippment requirement, such as pallet, box and so on.

74 waste wind separating machine
waste wind separating machine,waste wind separating equipment waste wind separating machine is suitable for the living garbage winnowing, lighter material from each allotted to select in the garbage. Company commitment: the company has sales of waste wi

75 horizontal wind sorting machine
horizontal wind sorting machine Horizontal wind separator air supply from the side, the solid waste of the crusher and roller sieve sieve make its granularity, the quantitative to into the machine. When waste within the separator whereabouts, blow by the

76 vertical wind machine
Vertical wind machine Vertical winnowing machine after crushing, the material from the middle into wind separator, under the effect of the updraft, material according to the density of components in the separation of heavy component from the bottom of th

77 plastic triboelectric machine
Plastic triboelectric machine, plastic sorting machine, plastic separation equipment, plastic electrostatic separator, PVC, pet separator Triboelectric separator is mainly used in two kinds of non conductive non-metallic separation, such as ABS and PS, P

78 plastic paint machine
Plastic paint machine, the friction to take off the paint equipment Friction is 3 to use paint equipment, can be used in the paint, washing, dehydration. Equipment power double-speed motor, 4 RPM to 1440 RPM; 2 a RPM to 2900 RPM. Use hard gear transmissi

79 40kn friction welding machine
Friction Welding Performance Presentation Economical Type: MCH-A series of economical type friction welding machine is the independent research and development models in 1998, the model is mainly used for a variety of shaft, pipe-type parts weld

80 friction welding machine
Our Machines use for welding the: power transition joints / bimetallic bearing / ball pin, ball stub / cardan joint / CV joint / steering track rod / steering linkages / auto semi-axle / dashpot / sunbber / supercharger of turbine shaft / S shap

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