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121 effervescent tablet press machine
Characteristics 1. This machine uses a special way for solving the problems of demoulding difficultly, such as strong stickiness, poor mobility, easy to damp, high humidity and so on. 2. It is the best choice for suppressing in the high humidity enviro

122 parts for construction machinery
parts for constuction machinery fabrication service for Ceric France Make as per customer requirement. Certificates we have: ISO9001:2000 QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM CERTIFICATE ISO 3834-2 WELDING CERTIFICATE --GERMANY

123 stretch film machine
[Features Overview] CCP-C1000 is to meet the cargo containerization storage, transportation and packaging requirements of mechanized loading and unloading, the company design and manufacture of automatic film wrapping machine, automatic film winding mach

124 double automatic sealing machine
[Features Overview] CCP-KV1840-2 Double automatic sealing machine adopts the international leading pneumatic sealing technologyto effectively solve the problem boxed video seal is widely used in pure water, milk, milk, snacks, jelly and other beverage an

125 ccp-l-automatic packaging machine
[Features Overview] This series adopts PLC control, shrink packaging for various products suitable for PE, POF shrink packaging materials such as plastic. Machine uses sound design, packaging sealing tight and simple operation, easy maintenance. With my

126 side of the packet installed machine
Features Overview: 1.CCP-CF250 can be used for automatic on-line shrink-wrapped products, the use of electric eye sensor for automatic packaging of the product 2.Depending on the device configuration, and the different characteristics of products, packi

127 cnc angle drilling machine
CNC Angles High Speed Automatic Drilling, Marking Production Line The production line is composed of infeed ransfer table unit, rotating loading unit, feeding conveyor unit, marking unit, two drilling units, outfeed conveyor unit, hydraulic system and el

128 cnc angle punching machine
CNC Angles Automatic Punching , Marking , Shearing Reinforced Production Line. JX2020S is a fortified angle processing machine,the cylinder moving and the piston fixed.The board of mainframe, mould base,punching holder and some other parts are fortified,

129 vertical ring rolling machine - d51x oblique type
Vertical ring rolling machine, also called broaching machine; D51 type rolling ring machine. Quanyue computer numerical can provide three different kinds of vertical ring rolling machine, D51X oblique type vertical roll ring machine, D51P flat shaft type

130 four column hydraulic press (quanyue,china)
Three beam four column hydraulic press YB32 series (Quanyue,China)is applicable to the plasticity material pressing process, such as impactive loading, bending, flanging and metal drawing as well as correcting press-fitting, grinding wheel forming, cold e

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