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391 pvc transparency plate/sheet production line
this PVC sheet production line specially design the screw to enhance the plasticize rate and ensure the sheet smoothly... this PVC sheet production line adopt the special material & redesign the screw to enhance the plasticize rate , the T-style mould h

392 pvc spiral steel ware enhanced hose production lin
The Steel Wire Reinforced Transparent Hose-Production Line is suitable for the production of PVC fiber reinforced pipe. This kinds of pipe is made of three layers structure. The inner and the outer layers will be made of PVC plastics and the middle layer

393 pvc fiber reinforced hose production line
This machine use PVC and fiber or steel wire to make enhanced soft pipe. The wall of pipe is three layer, outer and inner layer is PVC pipe, the middle layer is steel wire circle or fiber net. So the pipe has good chemical and physical characteristics, ma

394 pvc pipe production line
PVC pipe extrusion line is made up of conical twin screw extruder, die headand mould, vacuum calibration water tank, spray water cooling tank, tractor, cutting machineand stacker. Due to different need, this machine can produce single pipe, double pipe, i

395 q15gn/q28gn series tumble belt type shot blasting machine
This series is used for removing the sand and the oxided surface of the workpieces such as the casting, forging as well as the weldment. Owing to the perfect protective measures, good shot blasting, a reasonable structure of the circulatory system, the ma

396 q38/q48 series shot blasting machine
This series uses multiple-step and rotating point fixed method to clean away the antiquated sand and oxidation layer from the surface quickly, and makes the surface bright and clean. It is mainly used for the fitting of vehicles such as the bolster, side

397 qt360 series beeline wheel blast equipment
It is important part for shot blasting.It is a mew blasting wheel for saving energy. After control cage and blade are improved, QT360 blasting wheel could own higher efficiency. Even though the technician is not familiar with the blasting wheel, the techn

398 round spring shot peening machine


399 q36/q76 series trolley type shot blasting machine
This is trolley shot blasting machine, utilize blasting wheel to throw the high-speed projectiles to the surface of workpiece of the rotating trolley, cleaning up the adhering sand, oxide scale and other sundries, the purpose is to obtain a certain roughn

400 qh69 series h-shaped steel of shot blasting machine
This series belongs to roller shot blasting machine.Imostly applies in the line of architecture, bridge which is used for relieving of stress and wiping surface rust of large girder shaped steel, H-shaped steel and other large dimension steels. parame

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