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401 qg series inner and outer wall special shot blasting machine
The series of QG inner and outer wall special shot blasting machine for surface treatment, wiping up the oxide coating, welding slag, appearing the metallic sheen, increasing the area of the surface, which is in favor of UV. It applies in the line of petr

402 qt37 series double hangers pass-through shot blasting machine
The machinery type of this series fits for cleaning up section steel, steel structure, steel board architectural machine and other large jointing mechanical part. It is useful for wiping up the surface rusting, welding slag, oxide coating, eliminating int

403 q58 series piled and released type shot blasting machine
This series belongs to the hangering chains type continuous working overhead rail shot blasting machine, and it is mainly used for batch cleaning of small and medium castings, forgings, alloys, etc. They can eliminate sticky gravel and scale and other imp

404 q69 series steel profiles shot blasting machine
The series of Q69 steel sheet shot blasting pre-treatment line are mainly consist of warm-up, shot blasting and spray painting and drying process. It applies to shipping, car, motorcycle, bridge, machine etc. which is in the line of steel board, section a

405 q37 series overhead rail spinner hanger shot blasting machine
This series for the hanger type shot blasting cleaning machine, is mainly used for casting. Structural, non-ferrcus alloy parts and other parts of the surface cleaning, shot blasting cleaning machine of this series at a single hook, double hook-type, lift

406 q32 series tumble belt type shot blasting machine
This series is used for surface cleaning, rust romoving, and surface intensification of each kind of middle and small scale casting, forging and so on. It is suitable for different production scale, can be standalone use and many units can also be used in

407 we sale all the whole line machinery of plastic machines
For the purpose of saving our customer¡¯s resin material the Xinyuan Corporation design and make high quality production lines of plastic pipe. Each machine in the line is reasonable in design and combination. The starting of production with the line is f

408 computerized flat knitting machine
Guage: 3/5/7G, 5G, 7G, 12G, 14G Knitting Width: 52inch (132mm) Knitting Speed: Max 1.2m/s, difference by gauge and knitting condition Racking: Control by servo motor racking within 2inch and moving 1/2GG and 1/4GG in any place Needle Selection: Se

409 brick making machine
can produce standard brick, hollow brick, curbstone, interlock brick...

410 mz-800 inverter submerged arc welding machine
1.Combining hand arc welding and carbon gas welding functions 2.Precision constant current feedback control technology, soft switch, digital setup and display, low input power supply, high power factor 3. Input current and push power can be adjusted

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