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111 medical grade cut-cure glue
INSTRUCTION Ł¨The latest human invention of high-tech productsŁ© Some injuries,wounds and bloodshed that caused by Earthquakes, natural disasters, war, accidents, and other types of accidents or when they encountered a large number of bloodshed can not

112 tilmicosin phosphate
[Properties] light yellow or yellow powder [Content] 75% [Standard] USP32 [Storage] keep in airproof lightproof and dry place [Packing] cardbord drum 25kg/drum 6kg/Carton

113 hand pneumatic rehabilitation system
Targetes hand spasm, numbness, paralysis and other disease due to brain dysfunction. it can drive patient's hands to move by the functional gloves pressure changes, it is not only improve the spasm,numbness and paralysis, but also can act on the brai

114 blood and fluid warmer system
Warm up the stream in the drive pipeline by heat exchange will be transferred to the liquid, it can heat the cold storage blood and blood at room, blood products, liquid medicine, nutrient solution and flushing liquor to the controlled temperature for pat

115 vein illumination device
Basing on the de-oxyhemoglobins�different absorptive amount to the Near-infrared. It is able to show the arteriovenous trend clearly on the display screen with the information processed by Photoelectric Conversion and picture. It improves the clinical wo

116 the carevest airway clearance system
Connect the vest patients wearing to host, and then aerate and deflate quickly, making patients’chest wall occur regular diastolic movement� The patients’lung and airway produces independent tremor airflow and orientation drainage force which make resp

117 disposable endotracheal tube
The tracheal tube is made from PVC in medical grade, consists of tube, cuff, inflation line, valve, pilot balloon, and connector. Features: 1. For both oral & nasal intubation 2. 100% latex free 3. Atraumatic soft rounded beveled tip

118 disposable laryngoscope
Specifications Manufacturer of Disposable Laryngoscope Bulb / Fiber Optic type ISO13485 & CE certified Top Manufacturer of Disposable Laryngoscope Blade, Features: Single patient using,reduce cross-infection. Suitable for oropharyngeal,

119 epidural needle
name: epidural needle specificaion: 1) size: 15G-18G 2) length: 80mm.90mm 4) with or without wings 5) single packing or bulk available 5) branded or OEM available

120 epidural filter
Name: epidural filter Product's Characteristic and Usage: epidural filter is used in anaesthesia procedure by providing humidity requested and filtering air particles from air in both inspira and expire, filter efficiency is >99.9% for particles&

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