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241 medical gas outlet


242 medical gas outlet
1. Manufactured in strict accordance with BS EN 737-1 standards. 2. The pin index of gas outlets are manufactured according to BS 5682 standards. 3. The standard for AGSS is BS 6834. 4. The appliance of the medical gas outlet is in a

243 meidical mould
Meidical mould 1

244 hf-800a semi-auto biochemical analyzer
HF-800A is a semi-automatic biochemical analyzer, using imported concave holographic grating as dispersive elements. Adopting grating monochromator invention patent technology, it is specially designed for medium and small-sized hospitals and clinic cent

245 plastic exterior molding parts
We injection mold enclosures, housings and panels. Exterior components such as these require additives to combat exposure to UV light and chemicals, as well as mitigate electromagnetic interference. For highly cosmetic parts we have advised customers of a

246 aluminum sulfate
Aluminum sulfate is often used as flocculants for water purification and sewage treatment equipment were also used in paper making industry.

247 potassium hydroxide
Appearance and properties: White crystals Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in hot out alcohol and glycerol. Melting point 360.4 degrees Celsius. The chemical properties similar sodium hydroxide solution), (caustic soda is colorless, have a strong

248 caustic soda
purity:99%min sodium chloride:0.03%max sodium carbonate:0.5%max iron oxide:0.005%max density:(g/m3)2.12

249 single channel digital ecg
Single Channel Digital ECG Machine With Large Screen 901A 1. Features Single channel digital ECG machine with measurement Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition 8 Patients Save/Copy/Communication Large LCD to display 12 lead ECG waveform

250 overbed table
Overbed Table environment-protection top, waterproof, easy to lift and lower, no noise,detachable. Size:765×385×875mm Color: Color beige wooden knife Table Width: 37cm, thickness: 2cm, plate length 77cm, lifting a minimum: 71.5cm, Max: 1.11 meters Pa

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