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61 medical products face mask sourcing
1. Material: Non-woven mask 2. Earloop 3. find more suppliers 4. competitive price, lower than your before 5. LYCA will charge 1-3% commission

62 blood collection tubes
we offer all kind of blood collection tubes with high quality

63 alginate band-aid
Easy form gel, keep wound moist,release calium ion, promote wound healing,reduce scar. Stop bleeding,insulate bacteria Prevent adhesion Applicable for small festering wound. If use alginate film with Silver ion, better anti-bacterial Work throughtout

64 alginate filler
The alginate filler can be applied in the management of wounds with lacuna,which are usually caused by nasal surgery,anorectal surgery,ulcer/puncture drainage or colostomy.Also,it can be used in the filling management of wounds with defected tissue caused

65 alginate band-aid and plaster
New concept band-aid Punched alginate film,prevent adhesion Absorb the exudate, easy form gel, release calcium ion, promote the healing,reduce scar Do not contain drug composition,waterproof and breathable Isolation protection from bacterial,reduce th

66 alginate fibre ball
Alginate fibre ball suited to oppression hemostasis and wound clean of small wound, such as tooth hemostatic and wound exudate wipe and so on.

67 alginate dressing
Our products are applicable for wound,expically for burn,chronic wound.

68 resina liquidambaris,liquidambar extractum,liquida
Resina liquidambaris,liquidambar extractum,liquidambar concrete It is derived from Liquidamba formosana Hance Yellow brown semi fluid style Yellow brown viscous liquid Akind of materials of traditional Chinese medicine. Resina

69 angelica oil,angelica essential oil
Angelica oil, Angelica essential oil Description: Chinese angelica root oil Angelica oil package:1kg,5kgs,10kgs,25kgs,etc. CAS.: 8015-66-5 Color: red brown liquid Odor: strong aroma and bitter taste of Angelica sinensis

70 pure bergamot oil,bergamot essential oil,citrus ch
Color: orange yellow fluid Bouquet: a strong herbal scent. FEMA:2153 bp:159 °C(lit.) Specific gravity: 20 °C 0.873 ~ 0.885 Index: 20 °C for 1.463 ~ 1.470 Optical rotation: 20 °C +5 ~ +30 Fp:137 °F RIDADR:UN 1993 3/PG 3 WGK Germany: 2

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