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371 chemical medicine
Polymers and related materials:Esters of this dicarboxylic acid find applications in lubrication and plasticizers. With hexamethylenediamine azelaic acid forms Nylon-6,9, which finds specialized uses as a plastic. Medical:Azelaic acid is used to treat mi

372 diclofenac sodium
Diclofenac sodium Specifications C A S :15307-79-6 Assay(HPLC): 99.0%-101.0% M.F.:C14H10Cl2NNaO2 Characteristics White or slightly yellowish crystalline powder, slightly hygroscopic. Solubility: Sparingly soluble in water, fr

373 trolamine
Trolamine salicylate is an organic compound which is the salt formed between triethanolamine and salicylic acid

374 2-amino-5-nitrobenzoic acid616-79-5


375 sex medicine street overlord
street overlord 1.100% authentic and natural 2.no toxic side effect 3.lasting long sex time 4.no side effect herbal street overlord The product unique formula has been scientifically well-deployed , each one can effectively increase genital

376 nifedipine
Product Name:Nifedipine Chemical name:2,6 - dimethyl -4 - (2 - nitrophenyl) -1,4 - dihydro-3,5 - dimethyl-pyridine CAS:21829-25-4 Molecular Formula:C17H18N2O6 Molecular Weight:346.34 My email address is:claudia(at)bjbuildchem.com.Pls contac

377 meropenem powder for injection
Meropenem for Injection I.V. is a sterile, pyrogen-free, synthetic, broad-spectrum, carbapenem antibiotic for intravenous administration. SHELF LIFE: 3 years. STORAGEŁş Do not store above 30ˇăC. Do not freeze the reconstituted solution.

378 nut shell activated carbon suppliers for medicine
inquiry shall be sent to aimeeoy@yahoo.cn Description and Advantages: Nut shell activated carbon filter material is selected high-quality coconut shells, walnut shell, apricot, peach shell as raw material. Through series production process and refine

379 water soluble vitamin for injection
Drug Name: Water soluble vitamin for Injection Chinese Name: Zhusheyong Shuirongxing Weishengsu. Description: Various water soluble vitamin lyophilized preparation of yellow loose lumps or powder. Indications: The drug is an essential part of parente

380 sodium fructose diphosphate for injection
Drug Name: Sodium Fructose Diphosphate for Injection Chinese Pinyin: Zhusheyong Guotang’erlinsuanna Composition: The main ingredients is sodium fructose diphosphate Description: White or similar to white crystalline powder with slight stinky smell

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