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1 logging unit borehole magnetometer jcx-3
logging unit Borehole Magnetometer jcx-3 Applications and Feature Used for magnetic exploration in wells. Suitable for use in drilling with diameter greater than φ46mm for measurement of horizontal component X, Y and vertical component Z in magnetic f

2 atem-?transient electromagnetic system
Main Applications and Features By adopting the lead synchronization technology, ultra-high power detecting range can be extended from a few meters to a thousand meters; with multiple function in one machine, with integration of superficial part and int

3 dds-3 very low frequency (vlf) electromagnetic
Main Applications and Features VLF Electromagnetic Instrument is to utilize the electromagnetic wave transmitted by VLF radio station as field source to determine the changes of various parameters of VLF electromagnetic field under the influence of geo

4 djf-2 5/10/15kw high power dc ip measuring system
underground water detector IP Measuring System Main Applications and Features High Power Direct Current IP Measuring System includes: receiver, time domain IP transmitter, rectification power, simulator and dummy load. The system is a high-tech produ

5 dzd-6a multi-function dc resistivity & ip instrume
underground water Resistivity & IP Instrume Main Applications By utilizing relevant parameters of apparent resistivity and induced polarization method, the instrument is widely used in many aspects including metal and non-metal mineral resources exp

6 duk-2b multi-electrode resistivity survey system
underground water detector DUK-2B Multi-Electrode Resistivity Survey System Main Applications Widely used for high-resolution research, tomography and monitoring applications. Coal mining gobs, caves of Custer area, geological disasters survey li

7 duk-2a multi-electrode resistivity survey system
Main Applications Widely used for high-resolution research, tomography and monitoring applications. Coal mining gobs, caves of Custer area, geological disasters survey like landslides other geological disasters. High resolution engineering geologi

8 wtem-?transient electromagnetic system
WTEM-1/GPS is newly developed product with all functions of Transient Electromagnetic method. It is full of the advantages of same products home and abroad, and characterized with large transmitter power, high reliability, strong anti-interference (sky el

9 wcz-1 proton magnetometer
WCZ-1 proton magnetometer is developed especially for home practical instance by referring abroad technique. It can measure magnetic in precision of 1nT. The resolving power can reach 0.1nT. These are in accord with the requirement of former Ministry of G

10 mgj-50 anchoring drilling rig
APPLICATIONS: Mainly used for soil and rock anchoring, consolidating and strengthening foundation of highway and dam and retaining wall, preventing soil and rock from collapsing, supporting in deep foundation pit, pin timbering in underground engineering

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