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Premium Suppliers
vip[CN] Dino Purification Equipment(Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: 1-1000g ozone generators for household and industry application, 3L-200L various kinds of oxygen generator, UV sterilizer, Ozone generator gas tester, ozone...
Business Overview: Dino Purification was set up in 2007, till now has more than 14 years history. Dino is a professional and mature of advanced ozone disinfection equipment fo...


vip[CN] Shenzhen High Flying Technology Co.,Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Flip clip COB light source application Indoor lighting COB light source,Outdoor lighting-integrated light source,Auxiliary lighting-night light COB light s...
Business Overview: Shenzhen Highflying Technology Co., Ltd. is an LED light source encapsulation manufacturer ,integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services. Since...




vip[CN] LONG KAI MOULD DESIGN & MFG CO.,LTD [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Mold,Injection,Machining, printing and assembly...
Business Overview: LK is established in 2000, and have 150 employees with more than 5000 square meters. Our core business are mold, injection and assembly. Due to help ...

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laminar airflow work bench

LENGE laminar flow clean bench is the premium selection for
post: Lenge
auger drive 80000n for 26-40t excavator

Model: YA80000
Item: Parameters Excavator: 26-40 ton Output Torque: 50000
post: ycequip
auger yg3 series

Item: Parameters Match Auger Drive: YA50000/ YA80000 (consu
post: ycequip
y6500 pole-mount monitoring station

Our sensors can be placed in rivers or lakes where water qua
post: yosemite17
y5000 data buoy

Data Buoy Yosemitech Data buoy consists of a cross-linked
post: yosemite17
y6000 water quality monitoring station

Real-time water quality monitoring miniature station is a hi
post: yosemite17
y521-a 4-electrode conductivity sensor

Conductivity Sensor Yosemitech¡¯s four-electrode conductivit
post: yosemite17
y560-a nh4_n sensor

NH4 Probe Y560-A Ammonium analyzer measures the concentrati
post: yosemite17
y514-a&y515-a chlorophyll sensor

Chlorophyll Sensor Chlorophyll sensor is one of Yosemitech¡¯
post: yosemite17
y516-a oil-in-water sensor (crude oil)

Oil-in-Water Sensor (Crude oil) Crude oil or Petroleum is u
post: yosemite17
y511-a online trubidity sensor

Turbidity Sensor Yosemitech¡¯s turbidity sensor is complied
post: yosemite17
y505-a dissolved oxygen sensor

Y505-A Aquaculture ODO Y505-A is developed for cost sensit
post: yosemite17
y513-a blue green algae sensor

Y513 Blue Green Algae (Fresh Water) Y513 blue green algae s
post: yosemite17
y517-a uv254 oiw sensor

Y517 Oil-in-Water Sensor (Refined oil) Y517 OIW sensor dete
post: yosemite17
y533-a digital orp probe

Y533-A Digital ORP Probe Yosemitech Y533-A is a general pur
post: yosemite17
y551-b uv254 cod senser

Y551-B UV254 COD Prob Yosemite Y551 UV254 probe features
post: yosemite17
y4000 multiparameter sonde

Y4000 Multiparameter Sonde Yosemitech Y4000 multi-paramet
post: yosemite17
y532-a digital ph probe

Y532-A digital pH probe Yosemitech Y532-B is a general pu
post: yosemite17
y560-a online ammonium sensor

NH4 Probe Y560-A Ammonium analyzer measures the concentra
post: yosemite17
y512-a online tss sensor

uspended Solid Sensor Y512-A suspended solid sensor measu
post: yosemite17

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