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post: Фʻ VIP
post: Фʻ VIP
caif hutch with stainless steel fence
1)Lower veterinary and pharmaceutical cost. 2)healthier ca
post: shandongmuge
cow electric automatic body brush
220V/ 110V
1.New type full-automation cow body brush can make the cow a
post: shandongmuge
cattle foot bath
1. Made by low density polyethylene high temperature rotatio
post: shandongmuge
cow anti kick bar
Hot Dip Galvanized
Cow kick stop is used for milking, hoof paring treament, pr
post: shandongmuge
pig feeding bucket
50kg 75kg 100kg
1.Automatic feeder through for dry and wet feed of 80kg volu
post: shandongmuge
cow plastic teat dip cup
Use non-toxic plastic, to ensure the product is safe and inn
post: shandongmuge
veterinary instrument pig semen bag
This product is a one-time transparent semen bag, bag of sem
post: shandongmuge
pig semen collection bag for pig artificial insemination
1 L
Strong, durable, no leakage. Material environmental protect
post: shandongmuge
automatic pig feeding system
Auger pig feeding system and plug feeding system
Can effectively reduce the feed waste, reduce the cost of fa
post: shandongmuge
pig dry and wet automatic feeder
50kg 75kg 100kg
This product uses the professional technology to ensure high
post: shandongmuge
piglet electric heating plate
50*90cm 55*100cm
Products are used in South Korea carbon fiber heating. Unifo
post: shandongmuge
plastic piglet incubator
It is an important part to provide the piglets a better livi
post: shandongmuge
pig dummy sow
73. 5x30x70cm
Boar special tools for collecting semen, surface wear-resis
post: shandongmuge
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