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anti -2,4- diadienal acetate
25kg/ barrel.
Anti -2,4- diadienal acetate English Name: 2,4-Hexadienyl a
post: gbd001
25kg/ cardboard barrel.
7-AVCA (7- amino -3- vinyl -3- cephalosporin -4- carboxylic
post: gbd001
eleven alkyl amide mea succinate sulfonic acid sodium salt
25kg/ plastic bucket; 180kg/ plastic barrel
Eleven alkyl amide MEA succinate sulfonic acid sodium salt
post: gbd001
25kg/ cardboard barre
Diethylstilbestrol English Name: Diethylstilbestrol Chines
post: gbd001
3,5- two bromo benzaldehyde
25g/ 100g/ 500g
3,5- two bromo benzaldehyde Chinese Name: 3,5- two bromo be
post: gbd001
8- chlorophylline
25kg/ cardboard barrel
8- chlorophylline English Name: 8-Chlorotheophylline Chine
post: gbd001
2,4-hexadienyl acetate
25kg/ barrel
Anti -2,4- diadienal acetate English Name: 2,4-Hexadienyl a
post: gbd001
10g/ bottles and 80g/ bottles
Cyclosporin Foreign name: Cyclosporine CAS:79217-60-0; 598
post: gbd001
25kg/ cardboard barrel
Fipronil English Name: Fipronil Chinese alias: fipronil; (
post: gbd001
methoxenes (enetene ester)
5kg/ barrel; 15kg/ barrel; 25kg/ barrel.
Methoxenes (enetene ester) English Name: Methoprene Chines
post: gbd001
EP9. 0
Teicoplanin Alias: mycophenolate, amicomycin The name of t
post: gbd001
vitamin b1
CP2005, GB14751-2010
Vitamin B1 English Product Name: Thiamine hydrochloride v
post: gbd001
vitamin b6
GB 14753-2010/ CP2015
Vitamin B6 English Name: Vitamin B6 Chinese Name: vitamin
post: gbd001
vitamin e
2291866527@qq. com
Vitamin E polyethylene glycol succinate Chinese alias: vita
post: gbd001
china suppler eco-friendly insecticide spray flying insect spray
Pest Type:Mosquitoes Pest Control Type:Pesticide Feature:E
post: Bunnychen
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