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pumpkin kernels
100% Natural Pumpkin Kernels For Sale
Pumpkin seeds Snow white and shine skin pumpkin seeds kerne
post: VIP
shine skin pumpkinseed kernel
Grade A, AA
Moisture 8%Max Impurity 0.05%Max Broken Kernels 3%Max P
post: zhangyurui VIP
sunflower kernels / sunflower seeds
confectionary grade, bakery grade
As a direct and reliable Producer and Supplier of Seeds & Ke
post: wankelai VIP
snow white pumpkin seeds / shine pumpkin seeds
11-13 CM / 10 Grains
As a direct & reliable Producer & Supplier of Seeds & Nutes
post: wankelai VIP
blanched peanut

post: dongxufoods VIP
snow white pumpkinseed kernels
moisture:7.5%MAX., admixture:0.1MAX., broken: 5%MAX., H.P
post: zhangyurui VIP
snow white pumpkinseeds
size: 12mm
New crop size: 12mm+ moisture: 10%MAX., admixture: 1%MAX.
post: zhangyurui VIP
shine skin pumpkinseed
Size: 11mm+
New crop Size: 11mm+(90%MIN.) Moisture: 9%MAX., Admixture
post: zhangyurui VIP
blanched peanuts
45/ 55
post: nhruifa VIP
pumpkin seeds kernels
pumpkin kernels gws Grade AA
Purity:99.95% max;Moisture:8% max; Broken:3% max Package:ne
post: nxhy
new crop white pumpkmin kernels
grade A
moisture: 7.5% max admixture: 0.3% max broken: 4% max pac
post: sarah.tan
shine skin pumpkin kernels , chinese origin
grade A/ AA/ AAA
moisture: 7.5% max Admixture: 0.1% max broken: 4% max Pac
post: sarah.tan
shine skin pumpkin seeds, 11mm,12mm
6-8mm , 8mm , 10mm, 11mm ,
moisture: 9% max Admixture: 0.3% max Imperfect: 4% max Pa
post: sarah.tan
wholesale gws pumpkin kernels, 2017 crop
grade A/ AA/ AAA
moisture: 7.5% max admixture: 0.1%max broken: 4% max pack
post: sarah.tan
gws pumpkin kernels
grade A/ AA/ AAA
moisture: 7.5% max admixture: 0.1%max broken: 4% max pack
post: sarah.tan
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