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vip[CN] YunNan Alphy Biotech Co.,Ltd [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: 1.Haematococcus pluvialis powder 2.Natural Astaxanthin oil.
Business Overview: Yunnan Alphy Biotech Co.,Ltd, , found on May 10, 2007, located in FaYi village, ZiWu town, Chuxiong City, Yunnan Province, Southwest China, is a high-techno

vip[CN] Acrose Biotech Co.,ltd [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: API,Intermediate, Peptide, Nutritional supplement, Nootropics,Herb extracts
Business Overview: Acrose Biotech Co., Ltd is engaged in the research and exploitation of API,Intermediate, Peptide, Nutritional supplement, Nootropics,Herb extracts. We have

vip[CN] TongCheng YongFeng Metalware co.,ltd [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: wire shelving,kithchen shelf,CD rack,shoe rack,dish rack,powder coating series,Angles shelf ,corner shelf
Business Overview: YongFeng Metalware Co.,Ltd. establishment in May,2007. Our standard workshop covers 25221 square meters,is situated in the Tong City of HuBei Comprehensive

vip[HK] Andreal(hongkong)International Enterprise. [Distributor/Wholesaler]
Key Products/Services: tungsten pure
Business Overview: specially in tungsten exporting

vip[CN] Qingdao ICD biochemistry Co.,Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: xanthan gum; citric acid; sodium citrate; sodium bromide; sodium bicarbonate; food and food additives BEAUTIFUL SOAP FLOWERS
Business Overview: We are Qingdao ICD biochemistry Co.,Ltd which produce and export Xanthan Gum, citric acid, citrate products(including sodium citrate, potassium citrate, cal

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soy protein isolate for milk shake
No soya flavor, extremely low viscosity, instant water solub
post: Karen Zhaoyin
soy protein isolate powder
Good dispersibility, soft and smooth texture, instant solubi
post: Karen Zhaoyin
marine fish oligopeptide
20kg/ bag
The raw material is deep-sea cod without pollution, ití»s a
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
sea cucumber peptide powder
20kg/ bag
The small molecular peptide obtained from the hydrolysis and
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
chickení» gizzard memberan oligopeptide powder
20kg/ bag
Taking the inner wall of the gizzard of the pheasant chicken
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
millet oligopeptide powder
20kg/ bag
This peptide is from millet by multi-step biotechnology such
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
oyster peptide powder
20kg/ bag
The product uses oyster as raw material, and ití»s a small mo
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
quinoa oligopeptide powder
20kg/ bag
Ití»s a small molecular peptide prepared by defatting, crushi
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
semen cannabis oligopeptide
20kg/ bag
Ití»s a small molecular peptide extracted from semen cannabis
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
soybean peptide powder
20kg/ bag
Ití»s a small molecule fragment composed of 2 to 6 amino acid
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
walnut peptide powder
20kg/ bag
Ití»s a small peptide used walnut cookie as raw material,and
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
yak bone collagen peptide powder
20kg/ bag
Ití»s from fresh yak bone, ití»s a low molecular weight oligop
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
bovine bone collagen peptide powder
20kg/ bag
The peptide is from fresh bovine bone, ití»s a high purity co
post: sxyst2018@sina.com
n-acetylneuraminic acid
Purity of sialic acid: íŢ98%
N-acetylneuraminic acid is also known as í░edible bird nest a
post: freya_zuo
edta ferric sodium
EDTA FeNa Widely used in food, health products, dairy produc
post: mtc80686
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