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ice cream machine, cold storage, ice maker,
Specification (Size): 518 x 740 x 1280mm
Parameters of Shenzhen milk tea equipment ice cream machine:
post: Blh28284542
vegetable oils extraction solvent
boiling range lesstnan
initial boiling point more than 66 dry point less than 70
wire fry basket
24*19*14cm 22*16*12. 5cm 21*18*11cm
there are many size of baskets our factory produce.made by s
post: tomorrowily
inclinded cleat conveyor belt anti-statics
100, 000*2000mm
Not only on dough handling, biscuits molding, bakery cooling
post: honestek02
sieve bend screen
0. 01mm slot
Sieve Bend Screen / Side Hill Screen A sieve bend has a gre
post: yulibao
sugar filter screen
0. 01mm slot
Sieve Bend Screen / Side Hill Screen A sieve bend has a gre
post: yulibao
animal feed pellet machine
Animal feed pellet mill designed by our company extrusion th
post: pellet machine
sanitary manhole with sight glass
Sanitary Manhole with sight glass 2. Material: SS 304, SS 3
post: sjvalve168
stainless steel oval manhole jointing
335*435MM, 300*400mm, 430*530MM,
Stainless steel oval manhole jointing,Sealing: EPDM, NBR, si
post: sjvalve168
stainless steel manhole with butt welded flange
Stainless steel manhole with butt welded flange,Shape types:
post: sjvalve168
stailess steel wyt-manhole
Stailess Steel WYT-Manhole, Stainless steel sanitary manhol
post: sjvalve168
stainless steel sanitary round manhole cover
Stainless Steel Sanitary Round Manhole Cover Area: Sanitary
post: sjvalve168
ss manhole cover square type
150mm*250mm, 200mm*280mm, 350m*450mm, 400*500mm, 430*565mm
Ss Square Manhole Cover Product Description Square Manhole
post: sjvalve168
sanitary manhole
Stainless Steel Round Manhole Cover Materials: ANSI304, 316
post: sjvalve168
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