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ngp-sg102 tinplate reinforced graphite sheet
NGP-SG102 Tinplate Reinforced Graphite Sheet
Manufactured from flexible graphite foil mechanically clinch
ngp-sg101 flexible graphite sheet & rolls
NGP-SG101 Flexible Graphite Sheet & Rolls
Made from exfoliated graphite flake and is produced through
ngp-ny400 oil resistant asbestos rubber sheet
NGP-NY400 Oil Resistant Asbestos Rubber Sheet
NGP-NY400 Oil Resistant Asbestos Rubber Sheet, Compressed As
ngp-caf450 compressed asbestos sheet
NGP-CAF450 Compressed Asbestos Sheet
NGP-CAF are made from selected asbestos fibre, natural rubbe
ngp-ara300 acid resistant asbestos rubber sheet
NGP-ARA300 Acid Resistant Asbestos Rubber Sheet
Typical Application > Mainly used for the equipment in a
ngp-cna3000 non asbestos sheet
NGP-CNA3000 Non Asbestos Sheet
CNA3000 Non asbestos Sheet Premium quality compressed fiber
ngp-cna2000 compressed non asbestos sheet
NGP-CNA2000 Compressed Non Asbestos Sheet
CNA2000 Non asbestos Sheet Compressed fiber jointing based
ngp-cna1000 compressed non asbestos sheet
NGP-CNA1000 Compressed Non Asbestos Sheet
CNA1000 Non asbestos Sheet Compressed fibre jointing based
ngp-sc90 reinforced asbestos composite sheet
NGP-SC90 Reinforced Asbestos Composite Sheet
Manufactured from asbestos beater sheet with tanged (perfora
ngp-sc79 exhaust gasket materials
NGP-SC79 Exhaust Gasket Materials
double face tanged metal on both sides with core material of
ngp-sc80 reinforced graphite composite sheet
NGP-SC80 Reinforced Graphite Composite Cylinder Head Gasket Shee
Manufactured from expanded graphite sheet with tanged (perfo
ngp-sc70 reinforced asbestos free composite sheet
NGP-SC70 Reinforced Asbestos Free Composite Cylinder Head Gasket
Manufactured from non-asbestos beater sheet with tanged (per
parker nitrile seal kit par-cb1502ma01
Parker Nitrile Seal Kit PAR-CB1502MA01
Parker Nitrile Seal Kit PAR-CB1502MA01 Features: Availab
parker guide ring
Parker Guide Ring
Parker Guide Ring FRA003Q5038 Specifications: Pressure resi
hallite wear tape 8502098
Hallite Wear Tape 8502098
Hallite Wear Tape 8502098 Features: Wear-resisting, anti-pr
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