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ring joint metallic gasket
ASME 16. 20
Metal Ring gasket is by Smithing, heat treatment and mechani
post: autoliyanyiy
spiral wound gasket
ASME 16. 20
Spiral Wound Gasket is the best in the compression resilient
post: autoliyanyiy
3m adhesive strip series
Sticky persistence , having stranger property of adhering
post: bella1012
adhesive strip
Using adhesive material of environment-protection Possessi
post: bella1012
weather strip with film in the middle
any specification
Adopting priority in importing processing technology£¬possess
post: bella1012
graphite gasket
WEALSON graphite gasket is formed by cutting or punching all
post: wealson123
serrated gasket
WEALSON serrated gasket is Machined from solid metals in a v
post: wealson123
reinforced graphite gasket
WEALSON It is cut or punched by pure graphite sheet or metal
post: wealson123
ptfe coating gasket
WEALSON PTFE Envelope/coating Gasket Aiflon PTFE Envelope ga
post: wealson123
ptfe gasket
WEALSON PTFE gasket is made by cutting PTFE stick, pipe and
post: wealson123
non-asbestos gasket
WEALSON Non-asbestos gasket are made of special sealing mate
post: wealson123
asbestos gaskets
WEALSON Asbestos gasket can be divided into four kinds: high
post: wealson123
corrugated gasket
WEALSON Corrugated Gasket is made of machined flat metallic
post: wealson123
metal jacket gasket
WEALSON Metal jacket gaskets consist of a soft filler encaps
post: wealson123
ring joint gasket
WEALSON Ring joint gaskets are metallic sealing rings suitab
post: wealson123
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