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massage machine
Size=7. 5cm*8. 5cm*8. 5cm
specifications: Three-legged massage machine input voltage:
post: ruby8010 VIP
digital therapy machine with foot massager
therapy machine with foot massager
Digital therapy machine with foot massager Digital therap
post: lorrybeauty VIP
dr-m6601 time-resolved fluorometer
The technology of time-resolved fluorometry allows simple, r
post: Hui Chen VIP
xd 684 electrolyte analyzer (k, na, cl, li)
XD 684
The XD600 electrolyte analyzer series adopt the ion-selectiv
post: Hui Chen VIP
xd 811c/811l clinical chemistry analyzer
XD 811C/ 811L
XD811 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer can be used in clinical co
post: Hui Chen VIP
xd 711c/711l microplate reader
XD 711C/ 711L
XD711 Microplate Reader can be used in enzyme-linked immunos
post: Hui Chen VIP
ultrasound diagnostic device emp-1100
Trolley-Type Ultrasound Scanner with Multiple Probes
Scan Mode: Electronic Convex, Electronic Linear Probe Freq
post: emperor VIP
insight portable patient monitor
Insight Portable Patient Monitor
Feature: 1. 10.4 color TFT display with maximum 6 waveform
post: wanghuacn VIP
acm608(b) multi-functional anesthesia machine
A. Anesthesia machine •Flowmeter£º O2/N2O four-tube
post: wanghuacn VIP
acm803b ventilator
A. Controlling part •Ventilation mode£º IPPV, SIPPV,
post: wanghuacn VIP
jxj-402b fully automatic laser blood cell counter
JXJ-402B Fully Automatic Laser Blood Cell Counter represents
post: Hui Chen VIP
pw-960 automatic microplate washer
PW 960
PW-960 Automatic Microplate Washer was developed based on a
post: Hui Chen VIP
318mc microplate reader
318MC Microplate Reader is adopted the most advanced technol
post: Hui Chen VIP
telligent plastic toilet
intelligent toilet series
intelligent fumigation and hydrotherapy special plastic toil
post: xurixin5717
advanced eecp machine for coronary heart disease
230KGS, 2000x800x700mm
Product Description EECP is a non-invasive nonsurgical trea
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