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xd 236 autoblot system
XD 236
XD 236 AutoBlot System is designed to operate the Western Bl
post: Hui Chen VIP
xd 687 electrolyte analyzer (k, na, cl, tco2)
XD 687
The XD600 electrolyte analyzer series adopt the ion-selectiv
post: Hui Chen VIP
esr-30 automatic erythrocyte sedimentation rate dynamic analyzer
ESR-30 Automatic Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Dynami
post: Hui Chen VIP
ultrasound diagnostic device emp-860
Portable Ultrasound Scanner with Multiple probes
Features: 1,2-probe connectors to connect wide-band/multi
post: emperor VIP
acm619 multifunctional anesthesia machine
A. Anesthesia Ventilator •Ventilator Ventilation Mo
post: wanghuacn VIP
acm602 portable and simple anesthesia machine
A. Ventilator •Ventilation modesIPPV, MANUAL Displ
post: wanghuacn VIP
acm603multi-functional anesthesia machine
A. ANESTHESIA MACHINE •Flowmeter O2/N2O four-tube f
post: wanghuacn VIP
xd 511 urinary sediment system workstation
XD 511
XD 511 Urinary Sediment System Workstation is a laboratory i
post: Hui Chen VIP
urine reagent strip
1, 2, 3, 10, 11-parameter
URO PAPER Urine Reagent Strips (URS) provide semi-quantitati
post: Hui Chen VIP
non-magnetic height adjustable stretcher trolley
HO-709 Height adjustable MRI compatible stretcher High po
post: Hhao Medical
ambulance stretcher spine board
YJK-F1 spine board
This spine board with safe belts is made of PE material with
post: ݿҽ-Ψ
Material & Specification: ※Aluminum alloy structure ※The m
break-away plastic basket stretcher
Model Unfolded Size(LWH) Folded Size(L W H) Self-weigh
post: lingdi
two-folded stretcher
1. Unfolded Size: (L-W-H)185-50-5cm 2. Folded size: ( L-W
post: lingdi
soft stretcher
Technical Parametres: Model Unfolded Size(LWH) Folded S
post: lingdi
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