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intelligent cleaning nurse for collecting feceses and urine
The intelligent clean nursing machine is a cleaning instrume
post: xurixin5717
disposable urine bag oem service cheap 1000ml 2000ml urine bag
Capacity:1000ml, 2000ml
1)It is made from PVC,and used for storing drainage of patie
classic sanitary napkin
270mm sanitary napkin, winged, nonwoven fabric, tissue
In special days, female need considerate care. Cover: Soft
ultra thin sanitary napkin
ultra thin 240mm, SAP paper
Ultra thin sanitary napkin, slim and makes feel free. Cover
breathable underpad
breathable underpad, 60x90cm, Fluff, SAP, tissue
Air-permeable underpad Beijing Beishute Maternity&Child Art
cheap underpads
tissue underpad, 60x60cm, without Fluff pulp and SAP
cheap underpads for bed or chair protection is design to hel
stay put underpads
78x88cm, underpads, fluff pulp, SAP, tissue, non woven
stay put underpads for bed or chair protection is designed t
winged underpad
70x176cm, 70x70cm absorbent core, fluff pulp, SAP, non woven, PE
Disposable underpads with wings for bed or chair protection
60x60cm underpads
60x60cm, non-woven fabric, fluff pulp, SAP, tissue, PE film
Disposable underpads for bed or chair protection is designed
large size underpad
100x250cm, USA fluff pulp, SAP, tissue, non woven, PE film
Large size underpad is ideal for overnight use and very heav
pediatric urine bag
child usage
Opened front/side face; Collect urine for boy baby only; Ope
urine bag
1000ml, 2000ml
It is made from PVC film, and used for storing drainage of p
cheap underpads
strength underpads
cheap underpads cheap underpads are widely used for medica
post: beishute
extra strength underpads
heavy duty underpads
Extra strength underpads can lift and position up to 600-pou
post: beishute
tuckable disposable underpads
tuckable underpads
tuckable disposable underpad material and features: 1.Soft
post: beishute
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