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hot air rotary oven of biscuit line
SH50/ 100
The hot-air rotary oven of rotating type is an ideal equipme
post: Cassiezhang0
deck oven of fully automatic biscuit line
1 layer 1tray, 1 layer 2 tray, 3 layer 9
YX-9A series of far-infrared heating ovens are using far inf
post: Cassiezhang0
indirect hot air circulation oven fully automatic biscuit line
SH-250/ 400/ 600/ 800/ 1000/ 1200
This oven is using hot wind circulation to bake the biscuit.
post: Cassiezhang0
square collar bag former and shoulder
We produce according to your customer requirement ,and need
post: baofang
packing machine parts round collar bag former
We produce according to your customers requirement .need you
post: baofang
collar bag former vertical packing machine parts
We produce according to customer requirement about film widt
post: baofang
freeze proofer
1.High effcient compressor.suitable refrigerator for the pro
post: queenytian68
aluminum radiator radiator radiator
We are specialized in production of aluminium profiles, alum
post: ̩ɢ-CEO
inquiry about various windows styles made by aluminum profiles
60-63Aluminum profile
We are the largest supplier of aluminum products in China, d
post: ̩ɢ-CEO
abalone weight sorter machine
Regardless of which branch you belong to, our products stan
post: mia3378285
automatic check weigher
Regardless of which branch you belong to, our products stan
post: mia3378285
2014 5hxg-60 batch type low temperature circulate grain dryer
1.Grain drying fast,saving 2.Dry rice/paddy, wheat,etc 3.L
post: JSTYNJ
sheet metal fabrication for ss bottle breaker
OEM Sheet Metal Fabrication
1. Sheet Metal Fabrication, Stainless Steel Glass Breaker 2
mincer plates
Stainless Steel
Dongying Highyond Investment Casting Co., Ltd is with rich l
post: abbyliu01
automatic carton packer
automatic carton packer used in instant noodle line, packing
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