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temperature sensor probe
DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Probe with 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M 6M wire
The temperature probe is used by the US Dallas Semiconductor
post: Ivy919
reference dry block temperature calibrator
1. A wide range of insertion tubes for testing and calibrati
post: Shelok2018
pt100 pt1000 transmitter temperature sensor module
0. 5KG
The temperature transmitter USES the inlet thermal resistanc
post: Shelok2018
guide rails thermocouple temperature transmitter module
0. 5KG
This thermal resistance plc temperature control module suppo
post: Shelok2018
digital all-in-one insert temperature transmitter
Measure Range: -551200
Description: CJBT-I utlizes specific temperature module,can
post: transmitter
WZP-330, WRNK2-231M, YJV, KVV, etc
post: Evanlu2017
infrared thermometer
Gun type infrared thermometer,more easy use more accurate
post: katie001
all types of thermocouple
A thermocouple consists of 2 wires which are made of differe
post: ECHO630
gsm/ / sms gprs 3g 4g temperature&humidity da
3G 4G data logger
contact me : Mata Skype:gsmrtusystem WhatsApp:+861830008
3g 4g gprs temperature/data logger
3G 4G data logger
contact me : Mata Skype:gsmrtusystem WhatsApp:+861830008
fp-temp-04/pt100 temperature sensor
FP-TEMP-05/Pt100 temperature sensor Characteristics Techno
post: freepwm
fp-temp-05/pt100 temperature sensor
1*4/ box
Characteristics Technology: Pt100 Protection level: ultra
post: freepwm
lab instruments pt100 temperature detectors replace omega jumo
Technical Data: Model NO:PT100-TS69-296 Pt element: PT100
post: senster888
sterilizer use pt100 temperature sensors
Technical Data: Model NO:PT100-TS72-294 Pt element: Doub
post: senster888
terminal head pt100 temperature probe 4-20ma or 1-5v output
Technical Data: Model NO:PT100-TS73-398 Pt element: PT1
post: senster888
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