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5e-c5500 calorimeter
5E-C5500 is used to determine the calorific value of solid a
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digital multimeter
DCV: 60m-600m-6-60-600V  
Characteristic All round observation Large LCD Easy to rea
digital multimeter
DCV: 2-20-200-600V
Characteristic Moving large LCD for different angle reading
digital multimeter
DCV: 1000V
Technology features DCV:1000V ±0.8
bds-fsjewellery scale
LCD Size 0. 4*1. 2
BDSFS-Series jewelry scale Flip-open lid protects the delic
post: weiaite100
bds-s6012 pocket scale
(L x W x H): 123 x 73 x 34mm
BDSS6012 Series pocket scale High-precision straining resis
post: weiaite100
bds-s6010 mini scale
Scale size 85*46*20mm
BDS6010-Series pocket scale Back-lit Display Great for pr
post: weiaite100
china manufacturer silicon nitride heater protection tube price
based on customers' drawings
Silicon Nitride Heater tube Product Description Silicon
post: ƻ
sy-rcm rapid concrete chloride migration tester
NT BUILD 492(Chloride Migration Coefficient from Non -Steady - S
Executive Standard: NT BUILD 492(Chloride Migration Coeffic
syr81 steel-bar location tester
Technical specification for test of reinforcing Steel bar in con
Description: SYR81 Steel-bar Location Tester used to test s
syr71 steel-bar location and corrosion tester
SYR71 Steel-bar Location and Corrosion Tester, incorporating fun
Purpose SYR71 Steel-bar Location and Corrosion Tester, inco
syr61 steel-bar corrosion tester
< Based on Code for Acceptance of Constructional Quality of Concr
Purpose The instrument is used to test the degree of steel-
syr51+ rebar location system
Technical specification for test of reinforcing steel bar in con
Purpose SYR51+ rebar Location system is used to test rebar
syq61 concrete strength tester
Technical specification for detecting strength of concrete by ul
Purpose SYQ61 concrete strength tester is used to test comp
syq51 automatic digital rebound instrument
Technical specification for inspection of concrete compressive s
Purpose SYQ51 automatic digital rebound instrument is used
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