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acid fluorspar dry powder
we supply acid fluorspar dry powder CAF2: 97%min, and 97.5%m
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surface treated super fine acicular wollastonite powder
wollastonite powder
Product Name: surface treated wollastonite FM: CASIO3 Appl
post: cecilianie
plastic and rubber application super fine casio3 wollastonite
wollastonite powder
Product name: Super Fine Wollastonite MF:Casio3 Applicatio
post: cecilianie
daye fengjiashan acicular wollastonite fiber
wollastonite powder
Wollastonite is a natural metasilicic acidic mineral. Its mo
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CaO:43%min, SiO2; 49%min
Wolstonite is used in ceramics, plastic and rubber, coatings
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100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh, 1250mesh
The enterprise has developed a new chemically compounded ser
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mould products
Introduction: Our precission mould standard parts company i
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graphite powder
Pingdingshan Great Carbon Trading Limited Company is a synth
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Wollastonite Specifications 1) SiO2: 50% (Min. ) 2) CaO: 4
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transfer wooden grain
up to your requirement
high quality
post: safin
powder coating wooden grain
up to your requirement
high quality
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3-5 1. 5-2. 5 0. 3-1 0. 2-0. 7
Essentially vermiculite is one member of the micaceous hydra
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calcium silicate materials
we are the professional for the production of calcium silica
post: lzzhongxin
natural flake graphite
F. C. :80% to 99%
from 80% to 99% fixed carbon, with different size distributi
post: sunshinejoy
spring hardware crafts
1-20 mm
Our spring production of various kinds of hardware products,
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