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desiccant for sachets
A-type silica gel
Type-A Silica gel is also called TS6 silica gel and finepore
silica gel
A-type irregular granular 0. 2-1. 0 mm
A-type irregular granular silica gel, which here stands for
silica gel
Type A Type B Type C
Silica Gel is made of SiO2, with different types, such as Ty
fine-pored silica gel (a type)
Package20kg / 40KG plastic drum Bulk Density 680-700 g/ L Adsor
Data unit Bead Adsorption Capacity(25) RH=20% % 10 RH=5
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silica gel cylindrical desiccant 1g /2g/3g
1g, 2g, 3 g
   Mobile:+86 15763148603 facebook:+86 15763148
post: ĽϦ
film and television makeup human silicone rubber
25KG/ 200KG
USES of human silicone: Human silica gel with excellent e
post: hyj018
bentonite motor oil decoloring silica gel sand
Silica gel bleaching sand is another new type of natural dec
post: Elsa Zhang
white blue orange silica gel desiccant
white , blue, orage silica gel beaded
1.Product name: white blue orange Silica Gel desiccant 2.CA
post: hoochem
silica alumina gel
1-3, 2-4, 3-5, 4-6, 2-5
Molecular formula: mSiO2•nAl2O3•xH2O Silica alu
post: pxwhz
silica gel cat litter
Silica gel cat sand actually is Type C silica gel Silica ge
post: pxwhz
orange silica gel
1-3, 2-4, 3-5
Orange Silica Gel Orange silica gel mainly used as a desicc
post: pxwhz
blue silica gel
1-3, 2-4, 3-5
Blue silica gel can be divided into blue indicating silica g
post: pxwhz
silica gel
0. 5-8mm
Yuanying silica gel does not dissolve in water, any solvents
post: pxwhz
sanpont column chromatography silica gel
100-200mesh, 200-300mesh, 300-400mesh and so on
Industrial Grade Column Chromatography Silica GelZCX--GY
post: iceframe
silicone oil superior lube shock oil insulating oil
one can 100kg
n cosmetics and many components have a high degree of compat
post: shanghaiyc
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