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Premium Suppliers
vip[CN] Nashen industry co.,ltd [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: building material hardware tools safety item traffic item...
Business Overview: Virgin Building Materials was formally established in 2008 in Dubai as indentors for building materials. A keen business acumen combined with a thoroughly p...

US $ 20 - 50 / Piece

vip[CN] HK Yichi International Trading Limited [Trading Company]
Key Products/Services: lithium metasilicate; Waterproofing agent; Methyl sodium silicate; Silicone oil; Bisphenol A epoxy resin; polyamide; Supply herbicide; Chemical; Che...
Business Overview: Our company was set up in 2004.Formely knows as Shanghai Yi Chi Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd. Its main business includes international express,internal expres...


Key Products/Services:
Business Overview: GUIZHOU JINGSHENG MINERAL Co. Ltd. is specializing in manufacturing & supplying micronized barium sulfate. We successfully marketing a full range of micron ...

vip[CN] Wuhan Mengdifu Chemicals Co., Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Toluene Diisocyanate,Polyether polyol,Paradichlorobenzene,Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate,Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid,Phosphoric Acid,Adipic Acid,HDPE,...
Business Overview: We, Wuhan Mengdifu Chemicals Co., Ltd., is a professional chemicals manufacturer and have been exporting basic chemical raw materials for more than 10 years...

vip[CN] tianjin jin'ao chemical product sales co.,ltd [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: caustic soda£¬ sodium hydrosulfite ammonium chloride calcium chloride calcium carbide Sodium Bicarbonate...
Business Overview: Tianjin Jin'Ao Chemical Product Sales Co., LTD. as a manufacturer which is mainly specializing in chemical products development, processing and selling. I...

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im1-12ex-mt 7541228 im1-12ex-r 7541226 im1-12ex-t 7541227 im1-22

IM1-12EX-MT 7541228 IM1-12EX-R 7
IM1-12EX-MT 7541228 IM1-12EX-R 7541226 IM1-12EX-T 7541227 IM1-22
IM1-12EX-MT 7541228 IM1-12EX-R 7541226 IM1-12EX-T 7541227
post: chuangfushiy
bl20-2ai-pt/ni-2/3 bl20-2ai-thermo-pi

BL20-2AI-PT/NI-2/3 BL20-2AI-THER
BIC-44-E424 BK25/3-PKZ0 BK4140-0/9 BL20-16DI-24VDC-P BL2
post: chuangfushiy
bsp b100-ev009-p00s2b-s4 bsp b600-ev009-p00s2b-s4 bsp b010-ev009

BSP B100-EV009-P00S2B-S4 BSP B60
BSP B100-EV009-P00S2B-S4 BSP B600-EV009-P00S2B-S4 BSP B010-EV009
BSP B100-EV009-P00S2B-S4 BSP B600-EV009-P00S2B-S4 BSP B010
post: chuangfushiy
bff t7040-ja001-d06a2a-s4 bff t7031-ha001-d06a2a-s4

BFF T7040-JA001-D06A2A-S4 BFF T7
BFF T7040-JA001-D06A2A-S4 BFF T7031-HA001-D06A2A-S4
BFF0003 BFF T7040-JA001-D06A2A-S4 BFF T7031-HA001-D06A2A-S
post: chuangfushiy
vpu-1 hydrophilic polyurethane grouting materials

VPU-1 Hydrophilic Polyurethane Grouting Materials
1).Low viscosity, quick reaction in water,forming impervious
post: tinanade
vpu-2 hydrophobic polyurethane grouting materials

VPU-2 Hydrophobic Polyurethane Grouting Materials
VPU-2 Hydrophobic Polyurethane Grouting Materials VPV-2
post: tinanade
vep-01 high permeable epoxy resin grout materials

VEP-01 High Permeable Epoxy Resin Grout Materials
High Permeable Epoxy Resin Grout Materials I.Characteristi
post: tinanade
mini oil refinery

see description
Catalog of Mini Oil Refinery Mode Capacity (BPD) Power (K
post: peiyangchem01
hydroskimming refinery

see description
Catalog of Hydroskimming Oil Refinery Mode Capacity (BPD)
post: peiyangchem01
modular refinery

see description
PCC's Modular Refineries are designed and fabricated in our
post: peiyangchem01
lpg plant

see description
Application of LPG Plant This unit is applicable to wellh
post: peiyangchem01
lng plant

see description
lng plant process After compression, the feed gas is proces
post: peiyangchem01
cng plant

see description
CNG Compress Unit Rich methane gas meets with rich gas etha
post: peiyangchem01
oil refinery engineering

see description
PCC has proven track record of providing comprehensive gas u
post: peiyangchem01
cysteamine hydrochloride

CAS No.: 156-57-0 MF:C2H8ClNS MW:113.61 EINECS:205-858-1
post: huazanbiotech

MF:C13H10 MW:166.22 Boiling Point£º298oC Melting Poi
post: huazanbiotech
pode plant

PODE Plant
Polymethoxydialkyl ether (PODE) is a kind of oligoether comp
post: slchemtech
hydrogen peroxide production plant 

Hydrogen Peroxide Production Plant 
There are several methods for hydrogen peroxide production,
post: slchemtech
ethyl acetate plant

Ethyl Acetate Plant
Technology Introduction: There are 4 main prevailing proces
post: slchemtech
methyl acetate plant

Methyl Acetate Plant
Technology Introduction: The methyl acetate production
post: slchemtech

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