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ethyl acetate(ea)
Ethyl Acetate(EA) 99. 8% CAS No. : 141-78-6
Detailed parameter: 1. Product name: Ethyl Acetate(EA) 2
post: feihuanchem VIP
titanium dioxide
Titanium Dioxide Anatase & rutile
Molecular Formula: TiO2 M.W.: 79.88 Basic Characteristics£º
post: feihuanchem VIP
papermaking grade cmc
Papermaking Grade
CMC applying in coating size can well control and adjust the
post: FortuneBiote
sae surface sizing agent
surface sizing agent
yiyanghuagong(at)hotmail.com Leading products are acrylic e
styrene - acrylic acid (sae) polymer surface sizi
styrene-acrylic acid copolymer
yiyanghuagong(at)hotmail.com Appearance: Milk white liquid
akdsurface sizing agent
yiyanghuagong(at)hotmail.com appearance Milky white liquid
light yellow liquid
post: txjdzhu
carboxymethyl cellulose
25kg/ bag
Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulosefor Painting Industry As prot
post: siwyerz
titanium dioxide
Rutile WR-5618 Anatase WA-301 Anatase WA-302
Is a special surface treatment of the rutile titanium dioxid
post: Yangshengnan
polyamide resin
HJ-7010 HJ-1014 HJ-1417 HJ-1720
Properties: light yellow granular (powdery) solid. Uses: It
post: EmilyDing
titanium dioxide saga r-858
HIgh pigmented decorative papers, Decorative foils and lamination
R-858 For Paper Titanium Dioxide Saga R-858 Product Int
post: chinasaga
sodium sulfate
25kgs/ PP bag
Used as materials for synthetic detergent, glass, papermakin
post: Ada0000
titanium dioxide, rutile type
sulphate process TiO2, Rutile
Product Description 1, Character: It is sulphate process T
post: lishaochan
titanium dioxide, anatase type
Anatase Titanium Dioxide A101, 98%
Product Name: Titanium Dioxide, Anatase type; Formular: TiO
post: lishaochan
waterbase(cold)laminating adhesive
1¡¢Technical indexes: model SH608 characteristics high
post: jess25
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