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pharmaceutical raw material theophylline cas:58-55-9
Mobile: +8618578209869 E-mail: gl04@yccreate.com S
post: zhsbj123456
respiratory system drugs aminophylline power cas:317-34-0
Mobile: +8618578209869 E-mail: gl04@yccreate.com F
post: zhsbj123456
cough medicine powder promethazine hydrochloride cas:58-33-3
Mobile: +8618578209869 E-mail: gl04@yccreate.com S
post: zhsbj123456
ambroxol hydrochloride
25KG/ drum
Product name Ambroxol Hydrochloride CAS RN 15942-05-9; 2382
post: tzbnkitty
bromohexine hydrochloride
25KG/ drum
Product name Bromohexine hydrochloride Alias BROMHEXINE HYD
post: tzbnkitty
ambroxol hydrochloride injection
2ml: 15mg
Active ingredients: ambroxol hydrochloride. Description: Co
nandrolone decanoate
CAS NO. : 360-70-3
Chemical Name: 4-estren-17beta-ol-3-one decanoate Molecular
post: whyc123456
Preparation Products DL-Tryptophan--> DL-Phenylalanine--> Aspartam
Raw materials Ží-PROTEIN-->L-Leucine-->3,4-DIAMINOQUINO
post: ningning0114
5-Pyrimidinecarboxamide, 4-[[(3-chloro-4-methoxyphenyl)methyl]ami
post: ningning0114
imatinib mesylate
Molecular Formula: C30H35N7O4S
Imatinib mesylate (also called Gleevec) is a small-molecule
post: ningning0114
high-purity tiotropium bromide
Enterprise Standards
Tiotropium Bromide 136310-93-5 Standards:Enterprise Testin
post: octagonchem
high-purity formoterol fumarate
Formoterol Fumarate 43229-80-7 Standards:EP Testing Result
post: octagonchem
disodium creatine phosphate
Max 97%
Phosphocreatine Disodium exists in the form of Phosphocreati
post: tiandingren
methyl sulfonyl methane
Max 99. 5%
The grades are: medicinal grade, food grade, reagent grade
post: tiandingren
procaterol hydrochloride hemihydrate
1. CAS RN: 81262-93-3 2. Structural Formula: 3. Molecu
post: Dashengchem
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