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hotel tv computer integrated machine
18. 5 inch
Computer television integrated machine configuration of CPU
post: 15818826901
can support 1080P video display,the source can be from the I
post: greatsanly
computer sharing device
1computer mainframes + 9computer sharing devices = 10 comput
post: greatsanly
thin clients support 32bit color depth,with 3 usb ports n380
Data sheet: 1. The specs are: Dimension 115mm*26mm*1
post: Amy081216
n8800-b thin client with 4 usb ports,pc station
N8800-B, Thin Client, with 4 USB Ports, PC Station, PC terminal
N8800-B Thin Client with 4 USB Ports,Pc Station,Computer ter
post: softcopy
o8800 thin client,pc stations,computer terminal
O8800 Thin Client with 3 USB Port or PS2 (optional), PC Station
O8800 Thin Client with 3 USB Port or PS2 (optional),Pc Stati
post: softcopy
n8800-a thin client,pc station,computer terminal
N8800-A Thin Client, Pc Station , Computer terminal, 3 USB ports
N8800-A Thin Client with 3 USB Port,Pc Station,Computer term
post: softcopy
p8800 pc station,thin client,net computer,pc share
P8800 PC Station, Thin Client, Net Computer, PC sharer, PC terminal
P8800 PC Station's Main feature: 1.Support USB Web Camera,
post: softcopy
pc terminal,thin client,pc station,netwok station
PC Terminal, thin client, USB, pc station, Netwok station
Specifications thin client 1. windows ce 6.0 2.with wif
post: softcopy
wireless pc multi user share,thin client,pc share
Wireless pc multi user share, Thin Client, PC Share with 24-bit
N8800-C Wireless pc multi user share/Thin Client/PC Share w
post: softcopy
USB Joypad£»
post: Jane966
USB joypad with vibration
post: Jane966
1.Mini USB Joypad; 2.12 Digital buttons +2 analog stick and
post: Jane966
1. Mini USB JOYPAD FOR PC 2. New product ; 3.125X64.5X35mm
post: Jane966
1.New Joypad; 2.Mini USB VIBRATION JOYPAD FOR PC 3.Size :1
post: Jane966
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