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1[CN] changchun gainian yingxiang jigou [Buying Office]
Key Products/Services: gainian yingxiang is quanguo zuihao de sheying gongsi
Business Overview: gainian yingxiang chengli yu 2015nian zhuyao jingyingfanwei:changchun hunli genpai,changchun aiqingMV,changchun caoping hunli,changchunaiqingMV,changchunhou

2[CN] Henan Zhuohao Machinery Co.,LTD [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: coal gasifier, single-stage,
Business Overview: Henan zhuohao machinery Equipment CO., Ltd Located in Zhengzhou, 310 National Highway and Lianhuo Expressway travel through, between Zhengzhou and Luoyang-a

3[CN] Beijing Faster Drilling Tools Limited [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: steel tooth bit, tci tricone bit, hole opener, reamer bit, pdc diamond bit, step drag bit, alloy steel drag bit,
Business Overview: Beijing Faster Drilling Tools Co., LTD is a manufactuer of tricone bit,PDC bit ,hole opener and drag bit,also carry all major China Manufacturers, such as

4[CN] Beijing Faster Drilling Tools Limited [Trading Company]
Key Products/Services: drill bit, tricone bit, rock bit, pdc bits, steel tooth bit, drilling bit, diamond bit, rotary drilling rig, tricone drill bit, hole opener,
Business Overview: Beijing Faster Drilling Tools Limited is a manufactuer of tricone bit,PDC diamond bit ,hole opener,drag bit and other oilfield drilling tools,also carry all

5[CN] fffff [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: filter, sintered,
Business Overview: cddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

7[CN] Hengshui Runfeng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: gas pressure regulat,
Business Overview: Hengshui Runfeng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing gas pressure regulators. We are committed to providing

8[CN] Chengdu Tianyi Natural Gas Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: cng compressor, gas compressor,
Business Overview: The registered capital of our company is RMB 30.50 million and the factory covers a land of 23430ŠO, we have more than 200 workers, including 15 senior engin

9[CN] Shaanxi hainaisen Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: pdc, drilling bit,
Business Overview: Shanaxi hai nai sen Petroleum Technology Co.,Ltd is engaged in the diamond drill bit, diamond core bit, geological exploration and mining bit of research an

10[CO] Drummond LTD [Others]
Key Products/Services: Hidrocarbon
Business Overview: Coal production in Colombia for the wold

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