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vip[CN] Fangcheng County Hongli Food Co., Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Planet Lollipop processing, candy processing and sales, pre-packaged food sales Sale
Business Overview: Fangcheng County Hongli Food Co., Ltd. is located in Fangcheng County, Henan Province. Founded in 2018, the company specializes in confectionery processing

vip[CN] Guangxi pubei county quanchangchai products co. LTD [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Jasmine Flower Tea Little Green Orange Pu°šer Tea
Business Overview: Guangxi pubei quanchang tea products Co., Ltd. Is a professional enterprise engaged in tea products development and management with import and export right

vip[CN] KLYOMO COMPANY LIMITED [Distributor/Wholesaler]
Key Products/Services: sorbitol,mannitol,HFCS,liquid glucose,dextrose,CMC,pea protein, rice protein, calcium formate,isomalt,glacial acetic acid,
Business Overview: Klyomo company limited established in 2007,is a professional supplier in china, and provides food,food ingredient,medicine,agriculture, feed additiveand ind

vip[CN] Hainan Fuzhou Food Trading Co.,Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Tilapia ,Golden Pompano,Shrimp
Business Overview: Hainan Fuzhou Food Trading Co., Ltd. is located in the new CBD of Haikou City, Hainan Island with very convenient transportation. It is just about 30 minute

vip[CN] GZSHX Materials.Co.,Ltd [Trading Company]
Key Products/Services: Sodium Tripolyphosphate (Industrial Grade & Food Addictive Grade) Sodium Hexametaphosphate (Industrial Grade & Food Addictive Grade) Disodium Dihydrogen P
Business Overview: GZSHX Materials.Co.,Ltd was established in1998 and located in the most important chemical market in South China. We have been engaged in chemicals trading

1[CN] Pingdingshan Tianjing Plant Albumen Co., Ltd [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Professional Food grade Soy Protein Isolate & Concentrate supplier, kinds of application for meat sausage, vegan sausage, nutritional drinks, solid beverage
Business Overview: SOYGLOW(Former Pingdingshan Tianjing Plant Albumen Co., Ltd, SOYGLOW is our new brand) was established in 1997.It is one of the earliest soy protein product

2[CN] Cathy Fong [Others]
Key Products/Services:
Business Overview: Shenyu is a professional paper straws manufacture in China, based on 8 years of experience .By focusing on products,technology and development, combing worl

3[CN] Hainan Xisha Noni Biotechnology Co., Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services:
Business Overview: Who is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research & development, planting and production of Organic noni products. The enterprise owns more than 3,

4[CN] Shanxi Primitive Peptide Technology Co. Ltd. [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Bovine bone collagen peptide powder, Yak bone collagen peptide powder, Walnut peptide powder, Soybean peptide powder, Semen cannabis oligopeptide powder, Qu
Business Overview: We are the biggest manufacturing enterprise of food-borne protein and bio-active peptide in China. 200 workers and 2 million m2 production base, the experie

5[CN] Guangzhoushangcizhongyuanjiangkangzixunyouxianggongsi [Distributor/Wholesaler]
Key Products/Services:
Business Overview: bxcjAFSDS HZVCHJABJACSS ZJXKAncdsdscdsbvjdf sfjsh jsajdihdiews dush fishdia hiuhdq hfuiehfwa oJDWEKFN HFIUHFW HFUHDQK hfiudshfe hfeiudhfw hfueihfe hgids

6[MNE] ekokey foreign trade doo [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services:
Business Overview: manufacturer chain compamy

7[MY] hometown borneo sdn bhd [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Black Pepper White Pepper
Business Overview: We are importer & provider for supply Black & White Pepper

8[CN] LIZZYGIRL TRADING [Trading Company]
Key Products/Services: seafood, fish, gelatin, collagen, king crab, tilapia, golden pompano, snow crab, salmon
Business Overview: We are doing seafood global sourcing , importing, and exporting: including king crab, snow crab, lobster, tilapia, golden pompano, farm raised seabass, craw

9[CN] Baolingbao Biology Co.,Ltd [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Prebiotic: IMO, FOS, GOS Polyol: Erythritol Dietary Fiber: Polydextrose, Resistant Dextrin Fructose: Fructose Crystal, High Fructose
Business Overview: Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of corn-based health and food ingredients, is located in the center of North China Plain neat the histor

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