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vip[CN] HK Future Electronic Co.,Ltd [Distributor/Wholesaler]
Key Products/Services: stocking supplier of electronic components,such as integrated circuits, relays, connectors,sensors, MOSFETs, diodes,resistors, capacitors etc....
Business Overview: Our company is a stocking distributor of electronic components for a wide range of industries. Founded in 2009, the company has +15000 items in own warehous...


vip[CN] Shenzhen ShiyichuangTechnology CO., LTD. [Trading Company]
Key Products/Services: Integrated Circuits including TI, ST, ON, ADI, MAXIM, ALTERA, NXP, ect. PCB, Sensor,ect....
Business Overview: Shenzhen Shiyichuang Technology Co., Ltd.,which is specialized in the world's leading electronic components sales quality resources, for the global IC chip...






vip[CN] Guangdong cattle Culture Co., Ltd [Buying Office]
Key Products/Services: Electronic product. Consumer electronics, the original brand-new electronic chips, electronic components....
Business Overview: Guangdong Xiangniu Culture Co., Ltd. was established in September 2021. After two years of continuous accumulation and development, it has owned A large nu...




vip[CN] HUMLISUN CO.,LTD [Trading Company]
Key Products/Services: Military grade IC,Obsolete IC, Hard To Find IC,AD7245ATQ, ADIS16488BMLZ,OP221AZ/883,...
Business Overview: Established in 2001 in Mainland China, HUMLISUN IT is a Guangzhou-based international Distributor of electronic components and associated items. With an ope...

vip[CN] Hooder [Manufacturer]
Key Products/Services: Hooder is a wire and cable factory on AVVR , RVV cable, power cable, Armatured power cable, RV, RVS,RVB,RVVB Wire,RVVP double shielded control cable, RGB c...
Business Overview: Hooder industrial Co., Ltd. is located in shenzhen China. We are specialized in the production of custom cable and wire harness assemblies,Our subsidiary c...


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electronic component

post: Lemon94
a4989sldtr-t allegro ic chips dual full bridge motor driver

HK Future Electronic is a stocking distributor of electronic
post: hkfutureele
mit mdin380 scaler ic

MDIN380 Scaler IC
MDIN380 is a highly integrated single chip implementation of
post: AnitaZhou
corechips sl2.2s usb2.0

SL2. 2S USB2. 0
SL2.2s is a highly integrated, high-performance, and low-pow
post: AnitaZhou
zbit zb25vq16asig 16m flash

ZB25VQ16ASIG 16M flash
The B25VQ16ASIG nonvolatile flash device supports standard s
post: AnitaZhou
zbit zb25lq128bsig 128m flash

ZB25LQ128BSIG 128M flash
The ZB25LQ128BSIG nonvolatile flash memory device supports s
post: AnitaZhou
zbit cx32l003f8p6t arm replace macrosilicon ms8006

The CX32L003F8P6T is an embedded 32-bit ARM Cortex - The mi
post: AnitaZhou
elecsuper seuc10f5v4ub esd

The SEUC10F5V4UB is designed to protect voltage sensitive co
post: AnitaZhou
elecsuper seuc10f5v4u replace semtech rclamp0524p

SEUC10F5V4U 0524P
The SEUC10F5V4U is designed to protect voltage sensitive com
post: AnitaZhou
hk hk32f030c8t6 replace st stm32f030c8t6£¬hardware and software d

HK32F030C8T6 MCU 10k/ 64k
HK32F030C8T6 is based on the ARM Cortex M0 core 32-bit RISC
post: AnitaZhou
hk hk32f103cbt6 mcu 20k/128k

HK32F103CBT6 MCU 20k/ 128k
The built-in memory of HK32F103CBT6 includes 64/128 Kbyte Fl
post: AnitaZhou
valens vs2311gf hdbaset

VS2311GF HDBaseT
Valens Colligo is the second generation of HDBaseT chipsets
post: AnitaZhou
valens vs010rx/tx hdbaset

Valens¡¯ first chipsets revolutionized the AV market by enabl
post: AnitaZhou
cjc cjc5340 adc multi-bit audio a/d converter

The CJC5340 is a complete analog-to-digital converter for di
post: AnitaZhou
cjc cjc4344 dac replace cs4344

The CJC4344 is a high quality stereo DAC designed for portab
post: AnitaZhou
norelsys ns1021 usb2.0 extension controller

NS1021 USB2. 0
NS1021 is a versatile high-performance USB 2.0 Extension Con
post: AnitaZhou
valens vs2010 hdbaset2.0

VS2010 HDBaseT2. 0
Valens Semiconductor developed the VS2010 chipset to enable
post: AnitaZhou
valens vs3100 hdbaset3.0 for up to 100 meters

VS3100 HDBaseT3. 0
Cost-optimized for applications that do not require USB, con
post: AnitaZhou
valens hbdaset va6000 usb2.0

VA6000 USB2. 0
Valens¡¯ VA6000 small-form factor chipset is a cost-effective
post: AnitaZhou
gscoolink gsv6705 hdmi2.1

GSV6705 HDMI2. 1
Gscoolink GSV6705 is a high-performance, low-power 4 In to 1
post: AnitaZhou

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