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11 bilberry extract
Bilberry extract Benefits 1.Protect and regenerate retinal purple (rhodopsin), and cure patients with eye diseases such as pigmentosa, retinitis, glaucoma, and myopia, etc. 2. Prevent the cardiovascular diseases 3. Quench free radical, antioxid

12 100%nutural red raspberry extract powder
Specifications Raspberry extract powder 1.specification:Ellagic Acid 40% HPLC/UV 2.Appearance:Fine Yellow powder Raspberry extract powder 1.specification:Ellagic Acid 40% HPLC/UV 2.Appearance:Fine Yellow powder 3. Latin Name : Rubus Chingii

13 plant extract
We can provide customer over than 200 kinds of herb extract (plant extract) all over the world such as china, India, south america, korea, United States and so on. We also can provide natural pure powder of herbal raw materials from our own GAP Planting b

14 herb extract: tea polyphenols
Tea Polyphenols The product is one of the pure natural compound extracted from green tea. Description: The appearance is light yellow or brown yellow powder, dissoluble in water and ethanol. Bitter and acerbity. Its stable between PH4-8, easy to det

15 tcm
Magnolia Officinalis Rehd.et Wils Exhaust Mixture 100ml Suppository Wasong Pessary each granule:5g/8g

16 ligustrum lucidum extract(daisy@nutra-max.com)
Detailed Product Description Main Contents: Oleanolic acid Plant Resource: Ligustrum lucidum Product Specification: 98% HPLC Appearance: White powder Plant Part Used: Seed Extract Solution: Grain Alcohol Packing Detail: Packed in 40cm*50cm pape

17 diosmin
Diosmin is considered to be a vascular-protecting agent used to treat chronic venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, lymphedema, and varicose veins. As a flavonoid, diosmin also exhibits anti-inflammatory, free-radical scavenging, and antimutagenic properties

18 amygdalin


19 amygdalin
The amygdala is involved in several functions of the body including: Arousal Autonomic Responses Associated with Fear Emotional Responses Hormonal Secretions Memory

20 quercetin
Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant. It is also a natural anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory. Research shows that quercetin may help to prevent cancer, especially prostate cancer.

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