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31 rosemary extract
Abstract: This paper mainly to the rosemary extract and other antioxidants BHA, BHT, VS the oil and meat products in oxidation stability do the research and contrast. Keywords: Rosemary extract, BHA. BHT, VE Rosemary is a kind of have a long history of sp

32 black cohosh p. e
Black cohosh extract (black cohosh P. E. ) [ source ] black cohosh extract for Cimicifuga Romose l. Rhizomes extract. [ properties ] black cohosh extract for palm black powder. [ main ingredients ] for medicinal Actein, Actein, 27-Epi-deoxy Actein, black

33 macrocarpium fruit extract
Name: Dogwood extract category: Astringent medicine ZHU YU SHAN pinyin: Fructus Corni Latin: Alias: Potato dates, chicken foot, mountain Yu meat, real date, meat dates, ZaoPi, Yu meat, YaoZao extracted parts: Mature pulp specifications: Now raging 5-1 det

34 rhodiola rosea extract
Rhodiola Rosea extract (Rhodiola P. E. ) [ product name ] rhodiola rosea extract [ Rhodiola Rosea P. E English name ]. [ effective ingredients ] rhodiola rosea glucoside (Salidroside) [ specification content ] 2%, 3% (and w. Biological) [ physical propert

35 obtuseleaf senna seed extract
[ product name ] [ the semen Cassia Extract, Cassia Seed Extract [ ] this product is extracted source ] bean plant JueMing Cassia obtusifolia l. Or small JueMing Cassia tora l. Dry seeds mature. Autumn harvest ripe fruit, dried, laying a seed, to remove i

36 echinacea purpurea herb p. e
Echinacea the main active ingredients, polyphenols, coffee acid derivatives and polysaccharide has the following features: 1. Immune stimulation chrysanthemum sugar: By increasing the number of neutrophils and white and function, improve mononuclear cells

37 wolfberry extract
[ingredients]: 1 (Lycium barbarum, LBP polysaccharides) is a water-soluble polysaccharide. Already clear the polysaccharide is protein polysaccharide, molecular weight for 22 to 25 kD, by the sugar, glucose, galacitiol, mannose, xylose, mice, lee monosacc

38 corn stigma p. e
Name: YuMiXu extract categories: The water permeability wet medicine pinyin: YU MI XU Latin: Stigma Maydis alias: YuMai must, maize rui specifications: Now raging 5-1 properties: Fine tan powder medicinal part: Style sexual flavour to the: Flat; Ian, weak

39 loquat leaf extract
Loquat leaf extract ingredients bear fruit acid content: 25%, 30%, 90%, 95%, 98%, HPLC bear fruit acid Ursolic acid Ursolic acid, WuSu acid loquat leaf extract bear fruit acid CAS: 77-52-1 bear fruit acid properties: White fine powder bear fruit acid melt

40 scutellaria baicalensis glucoside extract
[ source Radix Scutellariae Scutellaria baicalensis ] () is lip shape secco plant Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi Scutellaria root of the Lamiaceae) (dry, widespread in China, heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, henan, hebei, shandong, sichuan, yunnan, shanxi,

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