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1 anatase titanium dioxide la200, tio2, food grade
Loman LA200 is anatase titanium dioxide pigment produced by the sulphate process with good pigment performance, low toxic impurities, consistent grain size and excellent dispersion. Applications: It can be applied in a wide range of industries where r

2 best rosehip oil for cosmetics and medicine
Rosehip oil extracted from rose seed by pressing

3 chromic acid
Properties: -Appearance: Dark red flake -Odor: Odorless -Melting Point: 197íŠ -Decomposition Temperature: 198íŠ -Specific Gravity: 2.70 g/cm3 -Solubility: 625g/l in water (@20íŠ) -Stability in air: Very hygroscopic and deliquesces at humidity abov

4 3-9 categories of chemical
3-9 categories of chemical \ pharmaceutical dangerous goods import and export transport services´╝îProvide the product English version of MSDS can.

5 medicine plate separation and recycling
medicine plate separation and recycling medicine plate separation and recycling (pharmaceutical packaging separation and recycling) is mainly used for separating various of medicine sheet (medical packaging, bottle, aluminum-plastic packaging, medicine

6 sodium bicarbonate
It is widely used in chemical,glass,paper making,printing&dyeing,synthetic detergent,foodstuff,medicine&sanitation industries,etc.

7 grape seed oil cas 8024-22-4
Food or Pharmaceutica Raw Materials Used in Cooking, Cosmetics and Medicine Grape Seed Oil Cas 8024-22-4 1.Quick Detail: Product Name Grape seed oil  Alias Vitis vinifera CAS 85594-37-2 EINECS 287-896-9 Assay 99.0% Appearance pale green to pale y

8 chinese herbal medicine coptis
Enshi "AnYuAn agricultural development co., LTD. Even growing sales rare medicinal herbs, chicken feet

9 compound clotrimazole cream
Composition: Each tube contains: Betamethasone Valerate equivalent to Betamethasone U.S.P. 0.1g (0.05% w/w) Neomycin Sulphate equivalent to Neomycin U.S.P. 0.1g (0.5% w/w). Cream Base q.s. Properites: The goods has a topical steroid combination. In

10 relief gel
Composition: Diclofenac Diethylammonium BP 1.16% w/w Equivalent to Diclofenac Sodium BP 1.0% w/w Methyl Salicylate IP 8.0% w/w Menthol IP 8.0% w/w Get base

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