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1 bopet films
Description: Transparent. Excellent mechanical properties, good smooth surface and heat-resistance. Mainly applied to packaging, lamination and so on

2 bopet tape base film
Product Feature : The product has good electrical and mechanical property, heat and corrosion resistance, excellent insulation property. Widely used in the insulating adhesive tape, electrical insulation material such as wire and cable etc. We are a

3 bopet twistable film
Product Feature : The product has strong tensile resistance, chlorine, non-toxic, environmental protection, good barrier, can replace cellophane and PVC twistable film. Widely used in all kinds of packaging such as candy and beef snacks. . We are a pr

4 bopet printing base film
Product Feature : The product has good adhesion to inks and coating, also has good flatness, that can be used for multi-color overprint. Widely used in frozen foods heat sealable pouch, foods packaging, industrial goods and cosmetic. We are a profess

5 mylar film
Polyester film ,PET Film,Mylar film,Polyimide film,capacitor film

6 competitive price rich color pet/polyester/bopet f
Applications: Adhesive tape, electronic insulating spacer, base film for ejection, release fim, labels, wires and cables, printing, stamping transfer,laser security etc. Product Series:Thickness:30-150 micronwidth:500-2000mm Paper Core Diameter:152mm(6

7 color polyester film for coating and electronice i
Applications: Adhesive tape, silicone coating, base film of ejection electrical insulating spacer, and base materials of sequins etc. Product Series: Thickness: 30~150micron; Width:500~2000mm; Paper Core Diameter:152mm(6"),76mm(3")

8 white pet (polyester) film
Applications: Adhesive tape, electronic insulating spacer and base film for ejection etc. Product Series: Thickness: 30~150micron; Width:500~2000mm; Paper Core Diameter: 152mm(6") ,76mm(3") Characteristic: High shininess, low light transmitta

9 25micron to 150micron corona treated colored polye
Applications: For tape, electronic insulating, release liner, electronic-sonic component, labels, ad and bill board, silicone coating and release film, flexible circuit board, solor window film, solar cell backsheet, transfer printing, metallize, lamina

10 pet film for membrane touch switches
Application: Base materials of membrane switch and flexible printed circuit board. Product series: Thickness: 30~150micron; Width:500~2000mm; Paper Core Diameter:152mm(6"), 76mm(3"). Characteristics: Excellent electrical insulation and aging

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