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1 ntc thermistor temperature sensor, specially for sous vide stick
•High precision and reliable NTC thermistor with insulated, heat conductive and water resistant epoxy resin into desired shapes •Special parameter could be made according to different requirement •High precision of resistance and B val

2 bonner sensor qs18vn6laf bonner sensor s18sp6lpq
Bonner Sensor QS18VN6LAF Bonner Sensor S18SP6LPQ Photoelectric sensors, also known as light glasses, emit light beams to detect the presence or absence of objects and equipment, or to detect changes in surface conditions. When the emitted light is inte

3 temperature sensor probe
The temperature probe is used by the US Dallas Semiconductor digital temperature sensor DS18B20, good heat conductivity potting sealant has good water resistance, while maintaining a high sensitivity temperature sensor temperature and smaller delays. The

4 car auto led parking sensor with 4 sensors
1. Colorful LED Displayer shows obstacle distance, Attractive LED shell switch for on/off 2. Work automatically when reversing. 3. Rated working voltage: 10~16V DC. Operating current: 20~200mA 4. Operating temperature:-40~80íŠ, Detection Distance

5 solar light garden outdoor sensor
Item Size: 10*10*78.5 Item Weight:1160g Main Material: Stainless Steel Solar Panel: monocrystalline silicon 4V 80mA Light Type: 4pcs Battery Type/Qty: 3.2V 400mah Lithium battery Switch: ON / OFF/ SENSOR

6 electric eddy-current displacement sensor
Model: CJWL Description: CJWL eddy current displacement sensor is a device can measure the mechanical displacement, vibration amplitude and speed converted into electrical signal output, which is composed of sensor, preamplifier, extension cable and c

7 vibration sensor
Discription: CJBPZ-I all-in one vibration sensor integrates piezoelectric acceleration sensor with precision measuring circuit that composes high precision vibration measure system. The sensor can connect with DCS, PLC or other equioment directly. It is

8 es52 rotatable round sensor
Stick on flat surface of merchandises, sensor could rotate freely Main parameter: Sensor size: diameter 28 x 15mm. Sensor type: micro switch Spring cable length: extension length in maximum Color: white / black LED alarm indication: yes

9 es507 camera lens sensor
For DSLR lens Main parameter: Sensor size: 21x17x7mm. Sensor type: contact Spring cable length: customized Color: white / black LED alarm indication: no Plug type: RJ11

10 es508c oblong sensor
Stick on flat surface of merchandises, offer RJ11 charging output socket, invisible wire, suitable for wall surface display Main parameter: Sensor size: 52x34x19mm Sensor type: micro switch Signal output port: RJ11 at bottom Color: white /

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