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1 solar home system
OFF-GRID SOLAR POWER SYSTEM Off-grid solar power system can satisfy all the using of electricity for a family life. Nowadays, in the world wide, more and more countries use this type of generating system in remote village without electricity, telecommuni

2 4w9v poly panel
Glass laminated 4W9V, Polycrystalline, Size:190x175x5MM

3 10w solar dc system
solar home lighting system: solar panel: 18v10w battery 12v7Ah led bulbs: 4pcs 3w12v cable: 5m Radio: fm radio play Bluetooth and headset Music play: U flash disk and SD card LCD screen: Time, date, charging information, battery power

4 high efficiency 20kw solar power system


5 10kw off grid solar power system


6 home use 5kw off grid solar power system


7 300w mono solar system
echnical parameter Maximum Power(W) 300W Optimum Power Voltage(Vmp) 37.45V Optimum Operating Current(Imp) 8.15A Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 45.60V Short Circuit Current(Isc) 8.91A Me

8 250w mono solar system
Technical parameter Maximum Power(W) 250W Optimum Power Voltage(Vmp) 30.3V Optimum Operating Current(Imp) 8.29A Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 36.76V Short Circuit Current(Isc) 8.91A Mechanic

9 200w mono solar system
Technical parameter Maximum Power(W) 200W Optimum Power Voltage(Vmp) 37.29V Optimum Operating Current(Imp) 5.36A Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 45.48V Short Circuit Current(Isc)

10 180w mono solar system
Technical parameter Maximum Power(W) 180W Optimum Power Voltage(Vmp) 36.42V Optimum Operating Current(Imp) 4.96A Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 44.45V Short Circuit Current(Isc) 5.44A Mechani

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